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Asian College of Teachers is offering the upgraded career-focused international teacher training courses, aim at preparing future global educators to teach in Vietnam and abroad too.

Teaching in Vietnam– Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

Vietnam is a great teaching destination for both experienced and brand-new teachers. With a population of almost 97.5 million, Vietnam is one of the least explored teaching markets, which offers welcoming nature, diversified culture, tropical climate, beautiful natural reserves, and dense beautiful forests. You can also get to teach in beautiful cities like Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and most importantly for all the expats, it also offers a low cost of living.

There is end number of career opportunities around every corner for overseas teachers in Vietnam, in both public and private schools. Vietnam has a long land border of 4,550 km, bordering China to the North, Laos, and Cambodia to the West, and the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) of the Pacific Ocean to the East, which attracts backpackers for travelling and Thailand it’s also very close, so if you change your mind to teach in new places you can.

Vietnam is also becoming a hotspot for TEFL certified teachers as well because the demand and curiosity of learning English among Vietnamese citizens are increasing day by day. In addition, the demand for skilled and certified school admin and educational leaders is also increasing, as Vietnam wants to improve the education sector.

Become a Certified and Skilled Teacher

Updated Educational Requirements to Teach in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training manages the whole public along with private education system. For various kinds of job roles in Vietnam, you need to fulfill all the requirements given below:

  • Graduated from a recognized university with a bachelor's degree (at least).
  • Complete a globally recognized 120-hour TEFL course (for teaching English).
  • Should be a Native English speaker or near-native English proficiency.
  • Need to be within the eligible age bracket of teaching. For men (18-60) years and for women within 55 years.
  • Clean criminal background check.
  • Have a valid passport and visa.
  • Positive medical check-up results.
  • Past teaching experience can be beneficial.
  • If you have a teaching license in your country then you’re eligible to teach in a high- end International school.
  • Passport-size photograph with clear background and you shouldn’t be wearing any sunglasses or a hat.

There are five levels in Vietnam – preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education.

Updated Visa Requirements for Teaching in Vietnam

You might not face much of a hassle while dealing with visa requirements for teaching in Vietnam like many other places. Vietnam is also lenient for aspiring teachers to come on a tourist visa and search for a suitable teaching job and tourist visa validity can be extended according to requirements till three months. Recently, the Vietnam government decided to reopen the door of opportunities for expats who are looking to teach.

Working visa cost varies and depends upon the factor that how long you’re staying there. However, most employers will help you to deal with all the necessary paperwork and in addition; they may cover all of the visa expenses as well.

If you secure your job after landing in Vietnam then you might need to collect your working visa from a neighbouring country like Laos, or Cambodia. In addition, if secure your teaching job before landing in Vietnam then you can process your visa process in the same country as well. A working visa generally has 1 year of validity, which can be extended according to your needs.

Major Types of Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

You can expect teaching opportunities in this field --

  • Government schools, preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school
  • Training centers
  • Preschools/kindergartens
  • International schools
  • Public schools
  • Universities

Let’s get to know one by one which option is the easiest to get a teaching and what are the benefits.

Training Centres

Training centers are one of the hot places for new expats who wants to teach English in Vietnam. This school is attended by every age bracket from children to adults for learning English proficiently.

The advantage of Training centers for TEFL teacher is to secure a job position here is comparatively easier and each center has its own curriculum and teaching material ready, so it will minimize your workload and makes your teaching job easy as well.

Teaching requirements of Training centers in Vietnam –

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • ESL teaching certificate (TEFL or TESOL certified.)
  • At least two years of full-time teaching experience
  • PGCE, QTS, or similar
  • A TEFL/TESOL certification

Pre and Primary/ Kindergartens School

This is one of the most common and has more demands in the teaching job market in Vietnam. Generally, Pre and Primary teachers in Vietnam need to deal with 18-month to 6 years old students 8-20 of them in a single classroom.

As a Pre and Primary School teacher, you will get a teaching assistant with that you will also get access to fun and interactive teaching resources like- different kinds of manipulative, blocks, etc. The class generally runs a maximum of 40 min. Long.

Teaching requirements of Pre or Primary Teachers in Vietnam

  • Bachelor’s degree relevant Education in K1-12 / English/ Kindergarten Education
  • Strong communication skills and a flexible attitude
  • ESL teaching certificate (TEFL or TESOL certified.)
  • Native English speakers or near-native
  • Clean criminal record
  • 0-1-year experience in teaching

International Schools

In international schools, you will find children who come from wealthy backgrounds. International schools in Vietnam have higher amount of tuition fees and the competition rate to get into this school is pretty high for both students and teachers as well. Due to this factor, one thing is also clear teachers will get paid a handsome amount of salary.

Most of these international school follows International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum or a foreign (A-level/AP etc.) curriculum. Generally, classes follow the general 2 years schedule so these international schools require 2 years commitment from teachers also.

Teaching requirements of International Schools in Vietnam

  • Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s Degree 
  • A teaching license issued by the aspirant's home country
  • At least two years of full-time teaching experience in a PK12 setting. International Baccalaureate (IB) experience would be more beneficial.
  • PGCE, QTS, or similar
  • A TEFL/TESOL certification

Public Schools

Teaching in Public schools is the most demanding and ticks all the boxes of a satisfying job, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. You will get a good working environment, a good salary, and teaching jobs benefits like more paid vacations.

Generally, you will find well-behaved and bright students, which will make your teaching job easier, but the no. of students at the beginning can be daunting. Because in public school classrooms, the no. of students is almost 40 to 60.

Teaching requirements of Public Schools in Vietnam

  • Should have patience and an adaptive mindset
  • Strong communication skills and a flexible attitude
  • Minimum a Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • A TEFL/TESOL certification
  • Between 22 and 55 years old

Universities or College

Vietnam is a fast-growing country with an ever-increasing demand for English teachers. Many universities across Vietnam are hiring native speakers of English at all levels to teach their students in the classroom and online. While these positions may not always require intensive qualifications or groundbreaking experience, there is still a lot of variety within these jobs that a potential teacher should be aware of before applying.

Getting a teaching job at University is more challenging compared to teaching in training centers, you will also get paid for your job a handsome amount of money which ranges between 1700-2000$, and it could go above this as well when you get an opportunity to teach in bigger cities like Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.

However, you need to have an advanced master's or Post Diploma certificate and relevant teaching experience to land a job in bigger cities. In addition, you will also get paid while you’re on Summer or winter break and you need to take classes not more than 20 a week.

Teaching requirements of Universities or College in Vietnam

  • Strong communication skills and a flexible attitude
  • Native English speaker or non-native with fluent English and a clear accent
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • A teaching license issued by the aspirant’s home country
  • TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Earlier English teaching experience
  • Between 21 and 55 years old

Land a Teaching Job in Vietnam

If you have ever dreamed of teaching in Vietnam, now is the time to start making your plans! Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for some international experience, or have been an instructor for years and desire a new global adventure — there are many opportunities available throughout the country. Teaching in Vietnam requires organization and preparation for the best possible outcome. Let’s get to know each step necessary to land a job in Vietnam.

First thing first, you need to understand that every school or university has different sets of hiring requirements, so according to that choose which school or university requirements met your skillset and whether are you satisfied with What they are providing or not?

After that, you need to find a reliable recruitment agency if you’re a fresher because most of the high-end schools or universities work with a reliable recruitment agency. Lastly, keep your all documents ready during the process of recruitment for a smooth journey to getting a job.

However, other than teaching there are other lucrative jobs as well in Vietnam such as:

  • Child care center director
  • Training Coordinator
  • Senior program coordinator
  • Curriculum manager
  • Instructional designer
  • Learning Specialist
  • Education consultant
  • Associate professor
  • Curriculum leader

Perks for Teachers in Vietnam

  • Teachers will get a place for accommodation
  • Access to a motor-bike for travelling
  • Lunch for free if you plan to teach in a conventional school
  • Health Insurance(even after the cost of living and medical care cost is very less)

Popular Places to Teach in Vietnam


Whether you’re teaching English abroad for the first time or are considering relocating to a new city, Hanoi is an exciting teaching destination full of surprises. The capital of Vietnam with 8 million of population, Hanoi has it all: from traditional culture and beautiful architecture to plenty of historical sites.

Hanoi is filled with full teaching jobs as there are plenty of schools that are there who’s looking for ESL teachers.

In addition, with many international restaurants and museums, this ancient city promises a unique cultural experience like no other!

Ho Chi Minh City

Whether you are looking to experience a completely new culture or simply take on an exciting professional challenge, Ho Chi Minh City (previously known as Saigon) has it all. With its bustling population of 8.4 million and its rich history and architecture, Ho Chi Minh City is the perfect setting for exploring all that Vietnam has to offer. For those interested in teaching English abroad, Ho Chi Minh City presents endless opportunities.

Because Ho Chi Minh City is highly populated and there’s a huge demand of people who want to learn English it creates a huger need for foreign teachers who teaches English.

Hai Phong City

Hai Phong is a stunning city located in Vietnam along the coast of the South China Sea. With its unique cultural history, creative attractions, and its ‘City of Flame Flowers’ title, Hai Phong is an unforgettable destination that has something for everyone to enjoy. It's renowned as one of Vietnam's major trading ports and is rich in educational opportunities which makes it a great place for teachers looking to find employment abroad.

There’s no shortage of teaching jobs here because there are plenty of schools that require foreign teachers to teach English.

Halong City

Whether you're an English teacher or looking to teach English in Vietnam, Halong Bay should be at the top of your list when considering places to travel and explore. Located in Quang Ninh province just east of Hanoi, this stunning natural wonder is one of the most iconic sights not just within Vietnam, but also across all of Southeast Asia. Home to thousands upon thousands of limestone mountains jutting up from its emerald green waters, it's no wonder why millions flock comes here for a break from their hectic life.

In addition, if you want to feel the raw natural experience of Vietnam while teaching, then Halong city is the go-to place, which has small and local shops, filled with local people working hard to make something out of their life.


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and experience the way life used to be? If so, teaching in Hue is the perfect opportunity for you! The ancient city of Hue located on Vietnam's North Central Coast features a wealth of history and attractions that are sure to capture your imagination. Learn all about the city’s compelling past as you explore its marvelous architecture, soak up its vibrant culture and take part in exciting activities like cycling around town or discovering scenic views along the Perfume River and the Thien Mu Pagoda.

Can Tho

Can Tho, located in the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, is a vibrant city full of unique experiences. From the famous Cai Rang Floating Market to some of the best Vietnamese hot pots known to man – Can Tho is filled with cultural delights. As soon as you get your first taste of Can Tho’s distinctive flavours, you won't be able to imagine life before this amazing experience!

Live & Teach in Vietnam

From its culinary delights and rich culture to a comfortable cost of living, Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the top global destinations for English teachers. Not only do teachers have the opportunity to experience all that the beautiful country has to offer, but with competitive salaries and tiny living expenses, they can reap major rewards financially as well. In fact, Vietnam was recently ranked second in a worldwide survey measuring disposable income for those making a life there.

In culture and nature wise, Vietnam is a fascinating country with endless experiences - from exploring expansive rice terraces amid the mountain Ha Giang and Sapa in the North to relaxing on stunning golden tree-lined beaches of Nha Trang and Hoi An in the South.

Vietnam also offers lush jungles and incredible wildlife to a fascinating culture that has undergone rapid change throughout its history. For those looking for a unique experience, there's never been a better time to explore this special place – both as a visitor and a teacher.

Apart from this, Vietnam is also famous for its exotic food, social and nightlife.

Latest COVID-19 Measures and Updates

On May 15, 2022, all COVID-19-related requirements for entry into Vietnam were lifted. Pre-COVID entry requirements have now resumed, although with some changes. (Source- https://www.vietnam-briefing.com/)

Although, the Vietnam government still suggests every ex-pat take precautionary measures for their own safety and of others as well and follow all the rules and regulations which Vietnam Government has set.

Student Reviews


Full of knowledge and useful information, suggestion for lesson plan and ideas for support learning. The knowledge, as mother and "home" teacher was incomplete, after this course I'm feel more comfortable in these topics.

Catherine Streng

Catherine Streng

It was hard work but I learned a lot. Because of this it was well worth it and I am well on my way to succeeding in my goal to become an English teacher in Asia. Instead of being scared as I previously was, I am only a little bit nervous now that I have this experience under my belt.

Joseph Cachia

Joseph Cachia

It was a challenge for me as it been a long time since I had done any academic studying but the course was structured well overall as the course progressed I was relating more to what I was doing at school and implementing them and seeing results I could see my self-confidence growing thru the course.

Melissa Laurin

Melissa Laurin

The course was very informative and I really liked the fact that I could do the Work on my own time. That made less pressure and I could do my best work for the assignments.

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