Teachers Training Course

Teachers Training in Vietnam

The learning environment of 21st century is rapidly changing with new educational initiatives and teaching models being introduced every other day. The surge of change has swept the global educational scenario with focus being on preparing the students for the world of tomorrow and connecting their education to meet the demands of the real world beyond the classroom. There is a transformation in the world of education which has redefined the role of teachers and teachers training around the world and the educational reform is quite significant in Vietnam with local teachers being expected to transform into global educators. The demand for trained teaching workforce is staggering and the recruitment procedure in schools and educational institutes are becoming stringent as they are looking for not just traditional teachers but thoroughly trained teaching professionals equipped with modern teaching methodologies and the ability to connect with the learners.

Vietnam is making progress in pre-primary education

With knowledge being literally on the fingertips and today’s learners are being exposed to a deluge of information and this proves the fact their world is not restricted within the four walls of their classrooms. Learners are inundated with information and this calls for educators who can effectively engage learners with stimulating lessons and relevant knowledge rather than resorting to the age old teaching which revolved around data dumping on the learners. Reform in education is directly related to the training of teachers as today’s learners need a strong academic foundation. This is a revolutionary period in teacher education as well and when it comes to Asian nation, Vietnam is making quite a progress in pre-primary education and is becoming a popular teaching destination for educators.

Demand for effective educators in Vietnam

Vietnam has significantly increased the value of its gross national product and endeavoring to raise its standard of living, reducing poverty in rural areas and making steady progress on the educational front. The Vietnamese people have always valued education and the position of a teacher has always been held high in a Vietnamese society. Pre-primary education is a vital part of Vietnamese education system and Vietnamese government ensures that Vietnamese children are provided a nurturing and productive learning environment. This has led to a demand for effective educators in the pre and primary segment as it lays a strong foundation for the physical and cognitive developments of children and all their future learning.

Qualified and trained teachers are required in Vietnamese schools

Vietnamese schools and educational institutions are on the lookout for qualified and trained teachers with exceptional pedagogical knowledge and skills that is instrumental for student success. Teacher education is being given a lot of importance and teacher education programs are carefully designed to produce educators especially in pre-primary sector who can create productive classrooms, impart learner centered education and possess good organizational and classroom management skills. With globalization and internationalization of education Vietnam is recruiting teachers who are adept in modern teaching methods and have undergone professional programs like pre and primary teachers training, Montessori teachers training and nursery teachers training. Apart from this, there is a considerable demand for ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam as English language centers are mushrooming in every part of the country. There are numerous TEFL opportunities for teachers planning to teach English abroad and those with Bachelors in TEFL and Masters in TEFL can look forward to ESL/EFL teaching positions in colleges and universities in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

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