Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

International Teaching Diploma - Live Online Classes

Asian College of Teachers offers International Teaching Diploma Program in a live online format to equip teaching aspirants/ working teaching professionals with a thorough knowledge base in Pre and Primary Teaching with emphasis on areas like Early Childhood Care, Pre & Primary, Montessori, Nursery and SEN education. The course offers the flexibility for you to pursue it safely from the comfort of your home, thus saving time and cost. The online nature of webinars help reach a wider audience and offers flexible features incorporating digital tools and a platform to interact and collaborate with peers, have live interaction with trainers and take part in various activities. The objective of the program is to equip you with the latest methodologies and skills and to benefit you by imparting required creativity and innovation in your teaching approaches.Get the opportunity to interact with ACT's expert trainers and interact with your culturally diverse peers during your classes, to make your learning experience a memorable one. Enrolling in our Webinar/s will be your best bet to brushing up your teaching skills and strategies.

Why should you attend?

  • The live online ITD course is apt for aspiring/working teaching professionals
  • Attend sessions from anywhere as per your convenience
  • The live online ITD sessions are cost-effective with increased productivity
  • Explore Job Opportunities Worldwide
  • Take part in collaborative activities with trainers & peers virtually
  • Comprehensive Training for Kg to Primary Classes
  • Montessori, Nursery & Primary Teaching Skills
  • 21stCentury Teaching & Learning Techniques

Who should attend the webinar?

The webinar based ITD program specifically aim at those with a passion for teaching and willing to make a mark in the teaching sector. The program caters to:

  • Graduates fresh out of universities
  • Youngsters looking for a job in the field of education/teaching sector
  • Working teaching professionals willing to make a mark in the teaching sector
  • Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
  • Experienced teachers or retired professionals looking for greater exposure
  • Individuals willing to re-start their career in the field of education


ITD Weekend Classes :

Date Time Duration
16th December 2023 - 6th April 2024 2 pm to 5 pm (IST) 3 months

ITD Weekday Classes :

Date Time Duration
17th November - 12th January 2024 3 pm to 6 pm (IST) 1.5 - 2 months

Fee:500 USD | 400 GBP | 17200 THB

Topics Covered

Principles of Teaching:

  • Principles of Education
  • Educational Psychology and Theories of Learning
  • Different Teaching Methods/Approaches for YL & AL
  • Fostering Creativity in the early years
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Teacher as facilitator- monitoring & motivation
Teaching Strategies
  • Lesson planning and instructional strategies
  • Assessment and evaluation in differentiated learning
  • Classroom management for inclusive classrooms - SEN
  • Resource and material Development
  • Language learning VS acquisition
Digital Literacy: 21st century Classroom
  • Introduction to Digital Literacy
  • Evaluating Sources
  • The Learner Centric Classroom
  • Skill Sets for the 21st Century Learner
  • Devices of Communication, Importance of M-Learning & Applications
  • Assessing and Selecting the Right M-Learning Apps and LMS
  • Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Tools (VOLT)
  • Digital Literacy – Risks & Safety Measures
  • Creating and Managing Your Personal Brand
  • Instructional Classroom Strategies
Assessment & Evaluation
  • Introduction to Assessment and Evaluation
  • Types and Characteristics of Assessments
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Learning Cycles
  • Assessment – From Application to Practice
  • Mapping the Learning Process - Case Studies
  • Designing 21st Century Assessment
  • Objectives and Functions of Evaluation and Assessment
Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Introduction to ECCE
  • Stages of development
  • Factors affecting early childhood
  • Helping early childhood learners settle down in school
Montessori Teaching
  • Maria Montessori – philosophy, methodology, psychology
  • EPL & Sensorial
  • Language and Maths in Montessori school
  • Art and craft for young learners
Nursery Teaching
  • Introduction to teaching young learners
  • Importance of play and play way approach
  • Child, health & nutrition
  • Self-awareness
Primary & Secondary Teaching
  • Project method
  • Discovery learning
  • Grammar & phonology
  • Integrating technology in the classroom
Special Education Needs – SEN
  • Identifying various types of learning challenges
  • Identifying and supporting learners with special needs
  • Managing behaviour of special need children
  • ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy
Primary STEM
  • Germination in Plants
  • Soil and Rock
  • Activities for Pre-primary students

**Microteaching at the end of the course

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