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Asian College of Teachers – Seminars and Workshops

Underpinned with theories with simultaneous stress on practical applications the wide range of seminars and workshops on Impactful Training Design and Delivery Skill, 21st century Innovative Teaching Strategies, Special educational Needs, Early Childhood Care and Education designed by Asian College of Teachers aim at empowering and acquainting myriad professionals from teaching, training and corporate backgrounds with new teaching/training strategies, techniques and approaches. The seminars and workshops conducted by Asian College of Teachers are beneficial for teaching and training aspirants looking for a solid foundation and keen to have a successful career as a 21st century teaching or training professional to make a noticeable difference. Enrolling in our Seminars and Workshops will be your best bet to brushing up your teaching skills and strategies.

Why should you attend?

  • Seminar apt for those with a passion to teach and train
  • Strengthen your corporate training career
  • Acquire skills to teach in today’s global classrooms
  • Introduction to international teaching/training standards
  • Theoretical & practical hands-on experience with activities
  • Individual attention will be paid to one and all
  • Learn about your strengths and interests and upgrade those
  • Learn about your strengths and interests and upgrade those
  • Learn about your strengths and interests and upgrade those
  • Learn the best techniques to handle learners in inclusive classrooms
  • Get an idea about current 21st century global teaching/training market

Who are these seminars and workshops for?

The seminars and workshops have been designed for those with a penchant for teaching and training and cater to:

  • Graduates fresh out of universities
  • Youngsters looking for a job in the education/teaching sector
  • Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
  • Aspiring and in-service teachers and trainers
  • HR professionals
  • School managers and supervisors
  • Senior teachers conducting staff training
  • Corporate trainers and leaders
  • Anyone who is associated with teaching in vocational institutions
  • Colleges and University lecturers
  • Anyone in leadership role in education and corporate Sectors
  • Experienced teachers/trainers or retired professionals looking for a greater exposure

Webinar on Managing SEN in Inclusive Classrooms

Date : Coming soon
Fee : 1500 THB / 50 USD

Digital Certificate to be provided.

Topics Covered :

  • What is SEN and our attitude towards SEN children
  • Legal Rights for SEN
  • Overview of common learning challenges – identifying LD (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia),
  • ADHD and ADD, Autism, Intellectual deficit (slow learners), impairments (visual, auditory, sensory perceptual)
  • Supporting learners with SEN through differentiated learning, accommodation and modification
  • Managing challenging classroom behaviour through different activities to address social emotional needs of SEN children
  • Discussing the format for Individual Educational Plan (SEN children)

Webinar on 21st Century Teaching Strategies

Date : Coming soon
Fee : 1500 THB / 50 USD

Digital Certificate to be provided.

Topics Covered :

  • 21st century teaching skills
  • Characteristics of a 21st- century teacher
  • 21st century teaching and learning – the challenge faced by teachers
  • Preparing learners for twenty-first century competencies
  • 21st century teaching curriculum – Innovation at the core (connection between ICT - literacy skills, technology tools, and the learning goals of core subject areas)
  • Evaluation and assessment frameworks for improving school outcomes

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