Teachers Training Course

Teachers Training in UAE

Being one of the largest business capitals in the world, UAE gives special attention to its education system. Many people harbor a wrong idea about the schools in UAE assuming a predominant Islamic based atmosphere which is not true. The education system in UAE is more open and features highest level of international standards. The chain of international schools features a strong education base complementing well with the global scenario. Hence the demand of quality teachers from all parts of the globe is high. A teachers training certificate can open up the opportunity for teaching career in UAE big time. There are many aspiring and experienced teachers all over the world who are very keen to shape their teaching career in UAE.

Teacher Training Courses from Asian College of Teachers

ITD Online Course

Asian college of Teachers (ACT) has specially designed a program for all teaching aspirants willing to pursue an international teacher training course. The course in an online mode aims to acquaint candidates with the latest teaching proficiencies and knowledge that are more learner-centric and are accepted in today’s global classrooms. Candidates pursuing the program can sharpen their skills from the ease and comfort of their home environment and get an in-depth idea of the modern international teaching methodologies. Moreover, the aspirants can choose from 3 different durations: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months and the course can be pursued by both aspiring and experienced teachers. Read more..

1 year International Diploma in Education, Teaching and Learning

The 1-year online teaching Diploma has been designed for those who want to have a better understanding of the learning needs and be responsive to the demands of the 21st century students. The course consists of four semesters of 3 months each. The program will prove beneficial for those willing to become early childhood curriculum developer, course coordinator, consultant associated with pre-schools or secondary schools and even for those planning to open a pre and primary school apart from aspiring teachers in India and abroad. Read more..

Pre-Primary courses

ACT offers Pre-Primary courses that are designed with care by Asian College of Teachers for prospective teachers who are willing to become proficient in the methodologies to teach children. The sole aim of the courses is to efficaciously prepare candidates as global educators fit to teach in classrooms around the world. Read more..

Montessori Teachers Training (MTT)

ACT’s Montessori courses are designed to acquaint the aspirants with Montessori Method which is way different compared to other systems as it allows unhindered freedom to children in a prepared environment. Montessori methodologies have always been considered an efficacious way of education which has immense beneficial effect on social, cognitive and physical growth of the young minds. Read more..

Nursery Teachers Training (NTT)

NTT course trains on the holistic approaches and techniques to the future nursery teachers to teach young children with ease and competence. It involves children’s physical, emotional and social developments while emphasizing the cognitive part of learning as well. It is considered as a challenging and functional area and the focus is on playful learning by providing an interactive learning environment. Read more..

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Early Childhood Care and Education Teachers Training course is focussed on teaching and learning associated with early childhood stage. The course has been designed to acquaint the aspiring early childhood educators with the effective teaching methods using a student-centric approach as contemporary classrooms are encouraging more movements and stimulating lessons. Read more..

Teacher education programs increase the chance of getting hired

Initially it might not be easy enough to find a teaching job in UAE as the standard is really high and the schools are not at all ready to compromise with the quality of education. A globally recognized certificate in teacher upgrade programs might appear as a great help to find a job in UAE as a teacher in pre-primary and allied areas. Teaching kids is a specialized task as it is important to understand the psychology of children and methodology of teaching. It is also important to know the teaching strategies as the role of teachers has changed in the present time. It is not limited within teaching lessons but spreading the knowledge and making them understand. It requires a special skill to keep young learners engaged and interested. The teacher education programs will increase the chance of getting hired as teachers by international and local schools in UAE.

Lucrative teaching career in UAE

As UAE is one of the richest economies on this globe, teaching career over there is a great opportunity. The salary is very high in UAE for certified teachers. Living a luxurious life in UAE is expensive but the salary is good enough to let one experience a good lifestyle in UAE. The lifestyle and a better pay package are the primary sources of interest for many to take up teaching as a career in UAE. One can save a good amount of money at the end of the month even after leading a modest life.

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