TEFL Jobs in Asia

Teaching English in Foreign Language or TEFL has become an interesting career option for many travel buffs passionate about teaching. A number of aspiring as well as experienced teachers are showing their interest in this career path as it promises good salary and excellent experience. There are a number of TEFL jobs available in Asia. The international chain of schools as well as private schools in Asian countries feature huge demand for ESL/EFL teachers as English has become the most important language to communicate in the global market scenario.

The demand for ESL/EFL teachers is high in Asia

There is no doubt that Asia has become a popular choice among the TEFL job seekers as this continent is rich with varied culture, cuisine and beautiful places to explore. In this age of globalization, most of the Asian countries developing at a rapid pace are trying to participate in the global market. Hence English has become an important link to communicate effectively. Most of the schools in Asian countries have made English mandatory from the elementary stage of education. Hence the demand for English teachers is high in Asia.

Thailand is a great TEFL destination

Thailand can be an excellent choice as there is a huge requirement of EFL/ESL teachers. Most of the TEFL job seekers are interested to pick Thailand as their choicest TEFL destination. The salary package is good in Thailand which helps the teachers to live a luxurious life while they can save a good amount of money at the end of the month. with a low cost of living. Apart from the salary package, beautiful coves and bays, exotic beaches, popular Thai cuisine and happening nightlife make Thailand a great TEFL destination.

Vietnam offers a lot to TEFL job seekers

With Thailand and Cambodia just miles away, Vietnam is one of the best TEFL destinations. Vietnam is one Southeast Asian country that has a lot to offer. The cost of living is really low in Vietnam and one can get food and lodging at really low costs. And most importantly it has a lot of English teaching jobs to offer especially to those with globally accepted TEFL certifications.

Teach ESL/EFL in Taiwan

Taiwan is a seat of diverse attractions for TEFL teachers. The picturesque waterfalls, clean beaches, advanced cities and enticing food, Taiwan has a quality life to offer. Getting teaching English jobs in Taiwan is not as easy as it is to get in other parts of Asia but if one manages to get it, life is great out there. Someone with a long term planning can definitely apply and try hard for Taiwan.

Japan is another preferred TEFL destination

Japan is another preferred destination for TEFL aspirants. The unique lifestyle of Japan makes many TEFLers interested as it is a well civilized and a highly advanced city with a number of TEFL jobs. Japan is very well connected with bullet train holding a huge attraction for visitors. Moreover, Japan boasts of enthralling urban life and peaceful people.

South Korea has loads of TEFL jobs

The TEFL scenario in South Korea is lot similar to Japan. Bustling in the contemporary moods of life, South Korea has umpteen English teaching jobs. The teachers are mostly provided with luxurious accommodation along with paid air tickets. Another significant aspect to be mentioned about the city is it’s free of corruption and danger and someone can reach home really late at night with the least threat of sudden danger. Pursuing a TEFL certificate program can make it easier to find a TEFL job in Asian countries. There are many authorized institutions offering quality courses in TEFL.

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