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The call of the day – teacher placement

Set out to seek the right career path that fits all your needs?

Get the right answers to all your career requirements from the “ACT Placement Cell”.

ACT emphasises on the placement services as much as it does on its teacher training programs.
We take the responsibility of not just providing you with the modern teacher training programs for global platforms, but also ensure that you can shape your career path with our trusted placement assistance.
The 21st century education industry aims to employ trained teachers skilled to meet the global standards of imparting the latest methodologies and techniques to new age learners.
In the ever growing competitive job market, trained teachers can at times be at a loss to find the right guidance and path to make a breakthrough in their careers.
Employees - trained teachers want a perfect job. Employers want a perfect employee. However, this perfect expected scenario becomes hard to find in the ever growing competitive job industry.
That's where we fit into the picture - we value your importance and walk that extra mile to find the right job/teacher that is apt for you.

Exclusive Placement Session (Through Video Conference)

We conduct All India video conferencing session for each student pan India
The placement cell addresses individually to all queries related to placement
ACT’s placement department gives a complete structural overview on approaching different institutes and handling recruitment related issues
In this session the placement cell gives a step by step guideline on the necessary documents, videos, teaching practices, resume preparation, documentation and other steps which will be required to make the job search easier
Registration to the job portal and methods of searching for jobs are explained

Placement around the world

Average Salary Range at Top 5 Places Accross the Globe

One to One Support

We at ACT realize the importance of real-time assurance for aspiring or practicing teachers.
The trainees get all kinds of help in terms of resume designing and interview tips.
They can send their resumes which are prepared according to the requirements of the trainees to give them a better mileage at interviews.
Our support team representatives call trainees personally, communicating with them to understand their requirements better.
In case of any urgent vacancy, trainees are intimated through email about the vacancy details according to the location preference of the trainees.
International Job Support is delivered through communications on Skype and other virtual inter-active chat platforms.

One-stop solutions for all recruitment/placement needs.

ACT is committed to provide a platform for global educators, enrich the world of teacher training and extend the reach to the teaching aspirants globally.
Each and every teacher training program is designed to meet the diverse needs and expectations of aspiring or practicing teachers preparing them to teach worldwide and connect with the global teaching community.
ACT provides complete support to trainees searching for a suitable placement through our partner portal :
We walk that extra mile to find the right job/candidate using defined recruitment processes, giving you the desired solutions.

Campus Recruitment Drive in all locations

The placement cell of ACT is in constant interaction with educational institute which have a requirement for trained trainees, referring them with the required manpower.
When an educational organization has a vacancy they connect with us mentioning their requirements.
These organizations can be in any location and we screen the teachers for the interview based on the requirements.
The educational institution further follows their selection rules and finalizes the teachers for their school who meet the required parameters.
The campus interviews are conducted in all locations – locally & internationally. This gives an added advantage for teachers who want to create a career path overseas.

Average Distribution of Global Job Oppurtunities

How Asian College of Teachers’ Placement Functions

Guide and facilitate the placement for the ACT’s students
Mentoring and providing guidelines for placement
Helping students in various aspect to appear for interview
Motivating the students to gain confidence for jobs
Overall guideline to help them select the right path

Steps for maximizing opportunities

ACT’s global network helps to network with institutes and recruiters across the globe.
Once we receive the vacancy or the KRA of the particular role we try to get in a conversation so that we can understand each and every details of the job
The necessary details are jotted down and we and the institute enter into a mutual understanding regarding the role that they have.
With both national and international channels, ACT tries to find out the maximum possible job opportunities, ranging all across the products and services that we have

How Do We Make the Jobs Visible?

The placement page, set up ACT, which is accessible to all the ACT students, contain the regular updates regarding the job opportunities
Post Covid 19 we have categorized the job, primarily into:
       Pure online jobs
       Online and campus jobs
       Pure campus jobs
       Campus jobs but teaching online
Once we receive the vacancies, we try to categorize the jobs based on the above four criteria, so that the candidates can understand which post they are applying.


It is generally a wrong notion that your Facebook profile is a personal account. Remember, nowadays, lot of recruiters look into your Facebook profile. They look into the following points:

  • The type of posts you share
  • The type of language you use in your posts
  • The grammatical errors (if you make) in the sentences
  • The type of remarks that you pass
  • The kind of friends that you have
  • The kind of social awareness that you possess

All these make a kind of a persona which reflects to the recruiter. They take a lot of consideration and parameters before recruiting the manpower. As you will be teaching the next generation, the institutes reflect into the type of source they would consider. Facebook account is important as your posts, messages, remarks and comments make a difference. The recruiter observes them minutely before they make a decision.
Hence, it is not only your interview that matters, it is your complete personality which would make the difference.

Our Students Testimonial

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