Placement happens to be one of the vital elements of teacher training courses and it always remains a matter of concern for every trainee teacher about to step into the world of teaching. Training to be an educator and finally finding the feet in the world of teaching is rewarding and at the same time challenging. Trainee teachers are expected to take a proactive role when it comes to learning the methodologies and acquiring the knowledge in varied teaching approaches and be prepared for a wide range of placement experiences as placements vary according to locations. Asian College of Teachers puts equal emphasis on all aspects of teacher education including placement. The aim is to provide the trainees with a holistic learning experience so that they are ever prepared to confidently face diverse classrooms across the globe. The trainees who successfully complete the teacher training courses from Asian College of Teachers can look forward to 100% placement assistance.

Placement through our Partner Portals

ACT is committed to provide a platform for global educators, enrich the world of teacher training and extend the reach to the teaching aspirants far and wide as ACT endeavors to design programs to meet the diverse needs and expectations of aspiring teachers so that they are professionally developed to teach worldwide and connect with the global teaching community. ACT provides complete support when trainees try to gain placements through our partner portals by connecting our current trainees and alumni with the potential employers. Trainees registered with our partner portals can receive job alerts as per their requirements.

Job Vacancies on Facebook – ACT Konnect

As a leading teacher training, ACT continuously receives teaching vacancies from various schools and educational organizations and ACT in turn posts all those vacancies on its Facebook page ACT Konnect so that all existing students of ACT can get to know about those vacancies and apply accordingly. Since ACT have tie-ups with many Asian and other international schools and institutions around the world, therefore, there is no dearth of teaching jobs and the past as well as present trainees can look forward to a number of job vacancies posted on a regular basis. Apart from this, the trainees can expect all kinds of help in terms of resume designing and interview tips. The candidates can send in their resumes which will be prepared according to the requirements of the trainees so that they stand a better chance at interviews. ACT representatives also call the trainees personally if there is any urgent vacancy and also email vacancy details according to the location preference of the trainees.

Work with our pre-school, Kidify

With our plenty international offices in different parts of the world the trainees can look forward to a robust placement support especially for those who are planning to teach in a foreign location. The trainees enrolling with Asian College of Teachers will automatically be a part of a teaching community and a wide network of employers – schools, institutes and organizations looking for trained teaching professionals. Apart from this, our own pre-school chain Kidify is in an expansion mode which will open the door to great opportunities for pre-school teachers in 2016 and our alumni will get the first preference when it comes to the recruitment of teachers in various teaching positions.

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