Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer

Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer

Asian College of Teachers provides Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer, exclusively designed and developed for professionals who are keen to pursue a career in training. If you are willing to pursue a successful career in training professionals, then this program will be extremely beneficial for you. This course comprising of online components helps you learn and acquire the skills in the field of professional training and development and will make you adept in the three fundamental training skills - Observation, Analysis and Evaluation. The course materials include Training and Learning Skills, Need Analysis, use of NLP, Trainee Motivation, Trainer Mind-Set, Group Learning, Feedback, and Monitoring Progress. The entire course comprises of the latest and new-age training techniques including case studies, handling equipment - worksheets, power point presentations and study templates.

  • PG Diploma program is of 8 months duration
  • The course can be completed prior to the stipulated duration
  • Flexible course which can be pursued from any corner of the globe

Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer is of 8 months duration which helps the aspiring trainers with building skills in professional training. The program offers enough flexibility to the trainees who can pursue it in online mode from any part of the globe. The profession of training is quite a coveted profession with handsome salary and other benefits. Therefore, if you are planning to enter into the arena of professional training, then a detailed yet comprehensive course like the PG Diploma in Train the Trainer program will certainly enhance your knowledge and skills on the subject and enhance your employability.

A Bachelor’s degree is the eligibility criterion for enrolling in the Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer program. If you are already in the training industry be it in the academic field or in the professional field, then this course will be a great step to upgrade your career. Besides, any individual with a passion for teaching or training or planning for a career change may opt for this course. Professionals like a freelance trainer to a soft skill trainer, human resource executive, training manager, coordinator, facilitator, et al can opt for the course. Also, trainers from schools, colleges and universities can also benefit from the course equally.

  • Course Fee is available at 28,000 INR / 400 USD / 300 GBP / 12700 THB
  • Course is available in online mode
  • Easy instalment payment options available

The PG Diploma program in Train the Trainer is an online program meant for professionals who already are/are aspiring to be associated with the profession in Training and Development. The course is reasonably priced at 600 USD / 18400 THB / 480 GBP and is apt for those who are looking to upgrade themselves as professional trainers and climb up in their profession.

28,000 INR 400 USD 300 GBP 12700 THB

Phase 1 - Training and learning

Phase 2 - The Trainer

Phase 3 - Techniques

Phase 4 - The Group

Phase 5 - Need Analysis

Phase 6 - The Training environment

Phase 7 - Feedback

Phase 8 - Handling Equipment

Phase 9 - Advanced Need Analysis

Phase 10 - Developing Delivery Resource

Phase 11 - Methods & Media

Phase 12 - Balancing Trainer Activity

Phase 13 - Training session structure

Phase 14 - Training Performance measurement

Candidates who successfully complete the course are awarded:

  • Trainees will receive a globally recognized Master Trainer certificate from Center for Training and Professional Development (CTPD), a division of Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • The course is certified by CPD Certification Service, UK and all our certificates come with CPD, UK endorsement seal
  • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) recognised by UKVI in the UK, a member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the USA, and the British Quality Foundation, has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and awarded commendable grades in the area of Learning and Teaching; Course Delivery. Accreditation by ASIC demonstrates ACT’s commitment to being a quality education provider, respected worldwide.
  • Easy Admission Process
  • Application can be submitted online
  • Opt for any Online Payment Scheme

Fill up an online application form:

The course is available in online mode enabling you to pursue it from any part of the world. For enrolment, please fill up an Online Application Form mentioning all the essential details. After submission of the application form, officials from our Admission Department will provide all the course details via email or (and) phone. Once you confirm your enrolment, we shall send you the consolidated payment details. You can make the payment through various ways – Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or DD (Demand Draft). Once your payment is confirmed, you will be provided with a payment confirmation receipt and the Online Admission Form.

Fill up the form and get online access to the course:

Once access is provided to you, our tutors will contact you through email/phone. You will get a unique link along with the username and password to enable you to log in so that you are able to access all the course materials. You will get access of each phase after completing the previous. There will be a set time within which you need to complete the course followed by which the tutors will send you assignments. You need to complete those on time and send it back to the tutor so that it can be evaluated and you receive your grades without any delay.
We have a well-trained support team who will help you at any point as you pursue your course. After successful completion of the all the phases and assignments you will get the certificate by post.

Opportunities are immense; you can get placed as a teacher, freelance trainer, soft skill trainer, full time corporate trainer and so on. It has been estimated that in spite of the rise in online training, there will be an increase of 10% for training and development experts, which is about average in the global job scenario. Professional trainers earn substantially enough to lead a comfortable life. The 4 most prospective industries for Trainers include:

  • Health Care
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Educational Services
  • Financial and Insurance
ACT's program would equip you to:-

  • Start your training career
  • Have a fair idea on how the training world progresses
  • Take up the challenge to look for training opportunities
  • Look for a career as a training co-coordinator
  • Start building you career in the area of training
  • Build confidence for soft skill trainings
  • Get a breakthrough in your training career with two recognized certificates
  • With our certificate, a trainer can venture more into reputed organizations

The two international certificates will give you an extra edge to give your career in training and professional development a flying start!

  • Complete tutor support provided throughout the course
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Additional support of online videos and reference materials are provided

The candidates enrolling in Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer course will receive complete guidance from our experienced tutors at Asian College of Teachers who are committed to helping you to achieve your learning goals. With years of valuable experience, the tutors provide great support to the trainees and guide them through the lessons giving valuable advice if and when needed. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content. Since this PG Diploma program offer the candidates flexible learning, they can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear all their doubts as and when required. They can email their queries and can also opt for online chatting to discuss any course related problem.

  • ACT is accredited by distinguished organizations with global recognitions

Accreditation is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting set standards of quality and is an on-going evaluation by the accrediting body which encourages constant improvement on the part of the institution. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. PG Diploma in Train the Trainer aims at training the aspirants with the principles and approaches to training individuals of various backgrounds. The online PG Diploma course is considered to be apt for those planning a career in Training & Development in various professional sectors. On successful completion of the course the trainees are certified by Asian College of Teachers (ACT).


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