Successfully Market Yourself As An Online Teacher

Online TeacherTaking a giant leap to become a successful online teacher!

At times like this where everyone has their eyes on remote jobs, full-blown competition is quite anticipated. As daunting as it sounds, the approach to marketing oneself in an online teaching platform needs to be calculative and smart rather than gusty attachment to instant results!

Finding your dream clients may not be instantaneous, however, it is important to start making yourself available to the world. While you are learning and figuring this online business realm, having a positive mindset is a must!

Now let’s discuss some potential marketing strategies to grow your online teaching business successfully –

Creating an Online Presence

The number one step to market yourself as an online teacher is to make sure you are Google-able. This is almost like creating a brand. Whether you are creating a personal website or going with a freelancing website, the decision needs to be based on your long-term goal. If you are confident about yourself and think you can pull this off on your own, there is no need to be in the same space and compete with fellow freelancers.

An online portfolio is great for a general online presence for recruiters and students. That way you can share more of what you do with your target audience. Also, putting an introductory video can take you a long way. This is a sort of elevator pitch. You can keep this as your website highlight. You can personalize the video, make it promotional and showcase your individuality at the same time.

Build Popularity in Social Media

Technology is shifting the dynamics of classroom and student life. And so to speak the competitive job market is not out of the range. In the online teaching business, almost half of your effort needs to be invested in building up that credential to grow your own. It is all about social media these days, the social media platform has become a huge business space with audiences from all across the world.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest you name it they are all part of the game now. Choose one media platform as your primary base; if you are just beginning to build your media presence, it is wise not to use all of them at once. This will only consume too much of your time. Think where your target base will mostly be and put your marketing focus there such as you can using LinkedIn if you are more inclined towards attracting recruiters. And if you are more interested in freelancing Facebook/YouTube/Instagram can be your niche.

Your role in social media is to expedite your service out there, build a follower base and keep rolling with fresh content to showcase your abilities and how people can benefit from your content. Not to mention, you can even pull clients’ from your local community group to attract more students. Also, reach out to your former students on an interval basis – chances are you may get referrals or they might be willing to try some of your updated courses.

Create Quality Contents

It is kind of obvious that thousands of other people are offering similar services that you are offering. The competition is global. Hence keeping your website and media platforms updated with teaching blogs, videos, and even starting your podcast can be an excellent idea for networking with recruiters, students as well as creating an online teachers community. A regular flow of content is a great way to demonstrate your passion for teaching. Plus, it helps to keep you in the algorithm.

When you are creating content especially for marketing purposes, find topics that are in more alignment with what you do, research on it, and keep them interesting. The quality will show itself when you bring depth to your content. Furthermore, keep collecting testimonials and feedbacks. They are extremely valuable to build trust.

Offer Freebies

Freebies are one of the successful tools to attract individual clients. Offering free content to the target audience has the capability to reach out to those clients’ who never tried online education. If you are already thinking about making regular video content on YouTube, make sure you are counting freebies different than those. For starters, you can invite your base followers for one or two free training sessions. This way you get to showcase your work and you can even convert those potential students as your clients.

Truth be told, marketing is a whole other world as compared to how much an individual can do as a professional teacher. It is all about building credibility in the market. To make sure you are growing, keep your focus on networking. In the beginning, it may seem a bit overwhelming which is why you can start by implementing one strategy and then move to other. There is already huge raise in the online teaching market. Possibilities are immense out there. Do your part in taking the correct action, be patient, and let the fruits of your labor fall into your lap.

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Student Reviews


Full of knowledge and useful information, suggestion for lesson plan and ideas for support learning. The knowledge, as mother and "home" teacher was incomplete, after this course I'm feel more comfortable in these topics.

Catherine Streng

Catherine Streng

It was hard work but I learned a lot. Because of this it was well worth it and I am well on my way to succeeding in my goal to become an English teacher in Asia. Instead of being scared as I previously was, I am only a little bit nervous now that I have this experience under my belt.

Joseph Cachia

Joseph Cachia

It was a challenge for me as it been a long time since I had done any academic studying but the course was structured well overall as the course progressed I was relating more to what I was doing at school and implementing them and seeing results I could see my self-confidence growing thru the course.

Melissa Laurin

Melissa Laurin

The course was very informative and I really liked the fact that I could do the Work on my own time. That made less pressure and I could do my best work for the assignments.

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