Certificate in Special Education

Certificate in Special Education

If you are eager to get into special education as a teaching professional, then opting for Asian College of Teachers’ Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD and autism) program can be the best decision for you. Special education is meant for children with mental, physical, social and/or emotional disabilities. If you are working as a special educator or shadow teacher you need to collaborate with the class teacher and pay attention to your learners individually to identify their needs and weaknesses. Certificate in Special Education is a comprehensive program which is centered on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and Autism which assures to make you conversant with all the techniques you need to adopt as a special education teacher. Going through the program will make you learn how to identify ADHD learners and apply those techniques of teaching that can be both understandable and enjoyable for them. You will also get trained on how to handle students suffering from Autism as well as varied other ailments and impart them effective education by providing shadow support.

  • Maximum duration of the program is 5 months
  • Flexible program which can be pursued from any corner of the globe

Certificate in Special Education is a comprehensive program designed for teachers like you looking for a career in teaching children with learning disorders. This shadow teacher training program will endow you with ability and prowess you need to possess to prove yourself as a good special education teacher. You can pursue the program from any place of the globe in online mode as the program offers you enough flexibility. As a special education or shadow teacher your duty will be to provide proper guidance in completing classroom activities and support student that needs optimal learning, OL. Thus, pursuing the certificate program will be extremely helpful for you as you will get familiar with the strategies of educating children with disabilities.

  • Certificate in Special Education is a short modular program
  • Both aspiring as well as experienced teachers are eligible to apply

The minimum eligibility for enrolling in Certificate in Special Education is a bachelor’s degree. If you are a aspiring or an experienced teacher and desirous of gaining knowledge in special education teaching methodologies alongside enhancing your teaching expertise, then you should take the certificate program.
While undergoing the certificate program you will get to learn about managing children with learning disabilities successfully and create a cordial ambience in classrooms along with delivering productive teachings.

  • Program is available in online mode
  • Program can be availed at a reasonable price

You can avail Certificate in Special Education that deals with bringing out the development and learning of children with different disorders at an affordable program fee of US$ 200. If you have basic computer skills and an internet connection, then you can take up this online program to provide additional academic and psychological support in the classroom. The certificate program will equip you with the teaching strategies associated with special education helping you to emerge as an ideal special educational needs (SEN) teacher in future.

200 USD 160 GBP 6250 THB
  • Certificate will be awarded by Asian College of Teachers after successful completion of the course
  • ACT courses are also endorsed by Training Qualifications, UK. An exclusive TQUK Certificate can be earned after taking the TQUK Exam at an additional cost.

You will be awarded a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers after successful completion of the Certificate in Special Education course. The certificates awarded have an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in it. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional amount as certificate dispatch fee that will vary according to the country. Generally after submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, the candidate has to pay the dispatch fee. After that we take the respective shipping address and contact number of the candidate and courier the certificate to the same. It takes a maximum of 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the candidate’s address.

  • Easy admission process
  • Application can be submitted online
  • Opt for any online payment scheme

If you are interested to enroll, then you will have to fill up an online application form with all the relevant details with correct email id and phone number as all the communication will be forwarded there. Once your application form gets submitted, you will receive the program details via email and phone call from ACT’s admission executives. The program fee payment details will be mailed to you once your enrollment gets confirmed. You can pay the program fee through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to your bank account. After the payment is credited you will be receiving payment confirmation with online admission form. You need to fill up the same and submit in order to get online access to the program.

There are ample opportunities for special education teachers who have completed Certificate in Special Education and have a passion to teach learners with special needs. There is a considerable demand for certified special educational needs (SEN) teachers. Asian College of Teachers’ Certificate in Special Education opens many avenues to numerous job opportunities as the course aims to provide the future shadow teachers with a strong foundation in the methodologies and strategies to deal with common Learning Disabilities as well as ADHD and Autism. The program will provide the skills and methods to teach children with special needs and will make the candidates competent enough to work as special educator. The program could be immensely helpful for head of schools dealing with children with learning disabilities, shadow teacher for children with special needs, special education curriculum developer, course coordinator and counselor associated with special education. The program is suitable for not only teachers but anyone connected with special education even for young mothers and homemakers who need to be aware of how to deal with the special needs children and help them to lead a normal life.

  • Complete tutor support throughout the course
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Study materials available online

If you are enrolling in Certificate in Special Education you can expect complete guidance from the experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers who are committed to helping the trainees to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience the tutors provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content. Since Certificate in Special Education of ACT offer the trainees flexible learning they can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear all their doubts as and when required. They can email their queries and can also opt for online chatting between 10 am and 6 pm and can discuss any program related problem.

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