Wanderlusts, Pack Your Bags and Teach English in Asia Without A Degree!

 30th June 2022

The demand for English teachers across the globe is always high as with every passing day, the number of English language learners is increasing. In order to get high-quality lessons in the English language, many learners are looking for ESL teachers either online or onsite.

If you’re an aspiring English teacher but do not have a university degree then gating exotically high-paying TEFL jobs will not be possible. However, you can still teach English without a degree in many reputed schools. You must be often wondering, what countries can I teach English to without a degree?

Things required to teach English in Asian countries:

To be very honest, you can teach English abroad with an associate degree along with a certificate in TEFL. A certificate in TEFL with specialization in Teaching Asia can fetch you exclusive English teaching jobs in many Asian countries. These countries may not require you to have a university degree but a TEFL certification is required because that promotes 21st-century ESL/EFL teaching methodologies.

Cost of Living

Traveling abroad to popular destinations and teaching has been the dreams of many. A TEFL certification course can fulfill your dream. You can even choose specialized TEFL certification programs according to your preferences. Apart from a TEFL certification, you need to have English teaching experience and an associate degree to teach in Asian countries.

TEFL certification programs: Besides teaching 21st-century ESL/EFL teaching methodologies, a TEFL certification program also promotes learning grammar skills and promotes real-life teaching experience. A TEFL program has many levels and you can choose one based on your requirement. If traveling to a teacher training institute where TEFL is taught, you can opt for an online TEFL course without a second thought.

An associate degree: You’re in luck if you’re not having a full-fledged Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English from any college or university. Having a two-year associate degree will fetch you classic English teaching jobs in places like China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. Needless to say, your salary package won’t be as lucrative as teachers having college or university degrees, but the pay scale will be pretty comfortable for you.

Teaching experience: This becomes very effective when it comes to getting an English teaching job abroad. If you’ve not studied abroad or lived abroad, then having prior English teaching experience plays a great role in cracking TEFL jobs. Whatever might be the type of experience you have, it does not hurt!

Asian countries where you can teach English without a college or university degree:

Cambodia: Rich in cultural heritage, magnificent temples, and jaw-dropping pagodas, Cambodia offers varieties of English teaching jobs throughout the country. This off-beaten part of South Asia has a very flexible English teaching job where the age limit is very minimal.

Of course, the salary package is not as high as that of South Korean or Japanese schools whereas, the living cost is not also as high as theirs. Therefore, you can lead a comfortable life while teaching in Cambodian schools. Cheers to your English teaching career in the lap of a lush green environment!

Cities like Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, etc., offer exclusive TEFL jobs.

Malaysia: Looking for a perfect balance of urban glow and soothing nature? Welcome to Malaysia! Private schools in Malaysia often have high TEFL-certified English teachers having associate degrees. The payscale is definitely not as high as teachers with college or university degrees get but quite high in comparison with many countries in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is full of diversity. You can experience the awestruck coastal landscape, modern city lights of the monumental Petronas Towers, the rustic caves, and the mesmerizing colonial architecture. Malaysia is having one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world and your weekends are going to be awesome, you can’t even!

Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Melaka have reputed schools where getting an English teaching job is pretty possible.

India: Having snow-capped Himalayan range in the North to exotic beaches in the South, and lush green forests having the highest precipitation capacity in the East to the barren Thar desert in the west, India is the country where you can find how beautiful can nature be when it is so diverse.

The country is extremely populated and comes under the top 5 most populated countries in the world. You will hardly find streets free of human beings and the competition in the job market is quite high. You can start volunteering in some of the schools before you set in as a full-fledged English teacher so that you can get along with the vibrant and bold culture of the country.

Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc., have plenty of job opportunities. So if you’re looking for a place having mountains, desert, beaches, forests, and full of life, package your bags and land in India.

Laos: If you’re a die-hard nature lover, Laos is your soulmate in South-East Asia. Known as the land of a million elephants, Laos is full of natural beauty having ethnic villages, and some otherwordly waterfalls.

The international schools in Laos hire experienced English teachers with university or college degrees. However, plenty of other schools around Vientiane will hire English teachers with only a TEFL qualification. It can be tough to find paid work outside of the capital and you may have to gain experience by volunteering over there first. You should have a good network if want to get highly paid English teaching jobs without a degree.

Vietnam: If you’re a beer lover, teaching in schools in Vietnam as an English teacher will be of added worth. Vietnam has the crown for the world's cheapest beer for its locally brewed Bia Hoi which is freshly made every day and free of preservatives.

A lot of TEFL-certified teachers here find work tutoring and working in local schools. These jobs are quite flexible and teachers can set their own working hours. The other side of the coin is that there are no contracts, insurance, or flight/accommodation hours.

Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are the main cities where teachers get good teaching opportunities. The beautiful city-scapes of Vietnam are absolutely breathtaking and are a treat to the eyes!

The bottom line:

There are many opportunities in various South-East Asian schools where you can easily get English teaching jobs. TEFL Teachers often teach online apart from teaching in these schools for an extra source of income. Thus, teaching ESL in Asia is totally joyful if you have a certification in TEFL programs and some teaching experience. Buzz the ring if you want to know more, 1800-212-6400!


Written By : Victoria Lewis


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