What Is So Fascinating About Google's Plan For Future Workstations?

 6th October 2022

Over the years, there has been a huge change in the organizational behavior of every hierarchy and their organizational skills as well. The open door policy is one of the biggest traits of the corporate sector so as to make communication smoother and hassle-free. Google has a monopoly authorization when it comes to stealing spots in the top headlines and once again, Google’s plans for the future are pretty extraordinary to grab everyone’s attention.

Google Growth

Google offices can be considered tourist spots because they’re magnificent having spectacular infrastructure and workspaces. Google’s innovation for the future of office work will improve your organizational skills if you own a business and have employees working under your supervision. Strong organizational skills are required to keep up the visions and missions of the business parallelly.

What makes Google’s upcoming work environment so special?

Working for Google remotely no longer exists as the dynamic CEO, Sundar Pichai has asked employees to join the physical organization by September 2022. Pichai is excited about team members returning to the office because he is on a mission to game up the organizational culture.

Google's CEO

He mentioned that the work culture will become hybrid and only a few will get the opportunity to work from home (remote work) fully based on various criteria. However, the new hybrid culture will be including some exceptional and important organizational skills, and setting goals and achieving those will be smooth.

Balloon walls and privacy are two innovative prospects that Google office is coming up with for the benefit of their workers. During the lockdown period, employees have been working from home and they could work from anywhere. However, since employees will be returning to their offices soon, Google is planning to establish a catching mobility factor for all employees.

Google’s Plan

According to The Newyork Times, “Instead of rows of desks next to cookie-cutter meeting rooms, Google is designing “Team Pods.” Each pod is a blank canvas: Chairs, desks, whiteboards, and storage units on casters can be wheeled into various arrangements, and in some cases rearranged in a matter of hours.”  This is what sociologists have suggested when they studied Gen Z and got to understand the environment they’re facing.

To make employees feel comfortable and cozy, such propaganda is blowing the mind of people! Besides, another interesting trait of the exclusive future workspace of Google is called Campfire. Well, you do not have to bring fire extinguishers from your home because these campfire sectors will have employees sitting and facing each other in a circle where ignoring each other is absolutely next to impossible.

Google Back to Office Workers

There will be large vertical displays showing the faces of people dialing in by videoconference so virtual attendees are on the same footing as those physically present. Such a classic idea will utilize the presence of employees both virtually and in-person.

The NYT further says, “There are clusters of tables and chairs under open-air tents. In larger teepees, there are meeting areas with the décor of a California nature retreat and state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment. Each tent has a camp-themed name such as “kindling,” “s’mores” and “canoe.” Camp Charleston has been open since March for teams who wanted to get together. Google said it was building outdoor workspaces in London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Sydney, Australia, and possibly more locations.

Employees can return to their permanent desks on a rotation schedule that assigns people to come into the office on a specific day to ensure that no one is there on the same day as their immediate desk neighbors.”

Google is on the way to creating partitions between workstations by using low-key drapes or curtains having the shapes of a leaf and the name will be Petals. That iconic touch to nature is quite refreshing and rejuvenating and this concept is breaking the shackles of closed-walled cubicles having heavy glass walls of separation.

By bringing this massive change, Google is planning to continue the social distancing through this workstation-at-wheel culture. In order to maintain the privacy of employees, Privacy Balloons are also there. “If a meeting requires privacy, a robot that looks like the innards of a computer on wheels and is equipped with sensors to detect its surroundings comes over to inflate a translucent, cellophane balloon wall to keep prying eyes away.”- says another report.

Google’s future:

This excellent aesthetic yet task-oriented workspace concept that Google will soon be putting into practice with each of its offices is absolutely commendable. The motto is to improve organizational skills, and behaviors, and to create a hybrid work culture where employees will be provided with extravagant and lucrative perks to make them feel comfortable, secured, and motivated to work.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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