Useful Strategies That Can Teach Students To Use Their Smart-phones Appropriately

 30th January 2024

In today’s digital era, regardless of the age group, smart-phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. This compact and sleek device is capable of providing access to every possible information, communication different forms of entertainment, and much more. This device has captivated students of every age and it become a primary source of information and entertainment for them.

According to survey, most of the kids use their phones for playing games and to consume different forms of entertainment.

what do kids mainly use their phone for

Students are getting glued to their phones and they spend too much of their time using their smart-phones, which is affecting their overall well-being.

To control this, we have created this blog post for school leaders which contains various negative effects of smart-phones and how they can teach students to manage smart-phone usage effectively.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Negative Effect of Using Smart-phones for Students

Although, smart-phones possess many benefits they can bring study-related information in the palm of your hand. It can bring many negative effects if it is not used correctly, especially for young users. Below we have shared various negative effects that can impact student’s well-being and their academic progress.

Getting Distracted From Their Studies

Smart-phones have many benefits, but it’s one of the primary sources of distraction for students. In today’s generation, students can’t keep their hands off from their phones for even a minute. They’ve become addicted user of their phones and they even use their phones during study hours or in class as well. This makes students less focused on their studies and hampers their overall academic progress and productivity level.

Creates Health Issues in Students

Excessive usage of smart-phones can have many adverse effects on every student’s health. In general, we are seeing that students are using their phones for prolonged hours which can impact their eye vision with time, causing sleep disorders, hearing issues, and other serious health issues as well.

Additionally, smart-phones with access to the internet can prove to be a two-edge sword if they not not being used correctly. Because the world of the internet contains various content and information that is not suitable for younger users. Contents like- Explicit content, violent videos, and games can affect student’s minds and affect their well-being badly.

Access to Every Answer to Cheat In Exams

Nowadays, students have access to every question answer they can think of in the palm of their hands. Students can misuse the use of smart-phones during their exams to cheat. Students can search exam question answers and they can even communicate with others to know the answers.

Effective Strategies For School Leaders in Managing Smart-phone Usage

Now we have an idea of how the usage of smart-phones can negatively affect student’s life and their well-being. Let’s get to know some of the effective strategies for school leaders with which they can develop strict policies regarding mobile usage and also help students to use smart-phones smartly and not misuse them.

Below we have shared some of the effective strategies that school leaders can implement including:

Create Awareness

School leaders or even teachers should consider educating not only students but also their parents and other school faculty members as well how to use smart-phones responsibly and appropriately. You can consider creating awareness of both the benefits and negative effects of using smart-phones for long hours and using them in the wrong way. This will ensure that students and their parents make well-thought and informed decisions.

Setting Strict Policies

As a responsible school leader or teacher, you must set stricter policies and set clear boundaries for using smart-phones for students within the school premises can prevent distractions during study hours and create a focused learning environment for every student.

Develop Digital Literacy Programs

Other than making you aware of the general facts of the usage of smart-phones, you can consider developing effective digital literacy programs in school. You can cover topics on programs related to how to navigate the internet safely, online safety, cyber-bullying, and ethical use of smart-phones and the internet.

Engage Student’s Parents

School leaders and teachers should consider engaging every student’s parents to discuss the topic of how to use smart-phones appropriately. You can conduct regular meetings and workshops related to smart-phone usage that can also help parents understand the school’s policies and similarly that they can reinforce similar rules in their homes so that their children use their smart-phones in the right way.

Observe, Monitor, and Support

You can observe or monitor the smart-phone usage of students manually or with the help of a monitor system or software. By doing this, you will be able to identify if any student is using their smart-phone in their study time or misusing it. As a responsible school leader or teacher, you should also consider providing necessary support and guidance to students who may maybe suffering from smart-phone addiction or any other challenges related to technology they are facing.

Keep a Check on Smart-phone Usage For Ensuring Well-being of Students

There's no question that smart phone carries various benefits for students, which can actually help them to become their best version. However, it’s not being used correctly and if it’s being used for a longer period of time then it could create various adverse effects on student’s lives. Those school leaders or teachers who have pursued courses like teacher training courses know various strategies with which they can teach students to use their smart-phones appropriately and not misuse them. Moreover, in this blog post as well, we have shared various strategies that can help students to use their smart-phones correctly and moderately which will not affect their well-being.

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Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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