7 Inspiring TED Talks For School Counsellors

 10th August 2021

Student counselling is not an easy task to do. Learners go through a lot of problems, some of them may include sociocultural while others are economic. Some problems are practical and others still are theoretical. As the number of these numerous challenges are growing, educators, counsellors and lawmakers are facing issues to find meaningful solutions.

In these kinds of situations, the Technology, Entertainment, Design, or TED, is a set of international discussions operating under the tagline “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Here are a few awesome TED talks on education that will help you in counselling.

1. The Case for Emotional Hygiene

Learners, nowadays, often struggle in silence as they contemplate that no one cares about them or their feelings. ‘The Case for Emotional Hygiene’ is a TED talk done by a performing psychologist that deliberates the significance of first aid for the heart along with the soul. Not only it talks about how emotions and thoughts can spate students but also how these can upset them in the upcoming days. School counsellors may practice this TED talk as a way to aidlearners talk about and recover from emotional disturbance.

2. The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s ‘The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain’ basically focused on enlightening why youths are more precipitate and less self-aware than adults. The cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore establishes how the prefrontal cortex of the developing adolescent brain is characteristically to blame for common “teenage” behaviour problems.

3. Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube and a notable 39 million times on the TED Talks website. Robinson stated that we need to rethink the important premise by which we educate our kids. He also reasons that all kids are born fundamentally creative and that schools methodically consume that creativity. He ended that we need to completely rethink our view of intelligence.

4. Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough

This has been watched 188,000+ times on YouTube and more than 1.5 million times on the TED Talks website. Geoffrey Canada delivered this talk in May of 2013 where he asks the audience to visualize a world in which we took the festering style to technology as we did to edification. He additionally urges that it’s time to try something different.

5. Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors

Students struggling with depression may think of suicide, while other learners are also affected by the suicidal thoughts of their friends as well as loved ones. ‘Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors’ is a TED talk that encourages people to talk about their thoughts and feelings before they try to take their lives. This TED talk reassures counsellors to talk about those problems with their students as well.

6. Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education

Salman Khan’s talkfrom March of 2011 has been viewed approximately 900,000 times on YouTube and 4 million times on the TED Talks website. He deals fundamentally with the positive impact that web-based video-education can have on learners. It demonstrated how video instruction can be used to individualize learning outside of the classroom while renovating the in-class experience into something far more personal and interesting.

7. Teachers Need Real Feedback

Bill Gates’ talk has been viewed roughly 293,000 times on YouTube and approximately about 2 million times on the TED Talks website. He stated that teachers receive sadly insufficient feedback on how to improve their teaching practice. Educators need feedback that’s essentially intended to support and the actual value of this Talk is that a person of noticeable influence is making that case.

These TED Talks can be used as a tool in your program while counselling students as the creative counselling techniques for school counsellors. TED Talks are loaded with valuable information and as a skilled counsellor, it may become a load (sometimes) to try to advocate for certain foundations.


Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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