5 Current Corporate Training Trends That You Need To Know

 24th August 2021


As the COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected the global economy, companies are applying eLearning to training more than ever before. As the change was sudden, it’s vital to stay up-to-date on the top corporate training movements to support your team and business continuity with the ever-changing corporate world.

If we observe today’s fast-paced world, we will recognize the fact that continuous training is more important rather than one-off training sessions. This will push you to keep developing and growing. One of LinkedIn’s surveys says, people now rank the “opportunity to learn” among their top motives for taking up a job.Thus, custom-made experiences will be a key focus for several ROI-centered L&D groups.

Major Corporate Training Trends

Here are some of the most distinguished corporate training trends prevailing right now ---

1. Upskilling

Up skilling will endure to take on bigger roles in the upcoming days. It denotes to the development by which professionals gain new skills in their respective fields. Up skilling lets the professionals get up-to-date about their role in the company.

Additionally, re-skilling recounts the training of an employee to improve the skills they already have to prepare themselves for new roles. Re-skilling is similarly very vital for specialists who want to be an active part of their business’s digital transformation.

2. Micro-Learning

Micro-learning is very beneficial as it breaks down the complete training into various handy pieces that are easy to keep in mind. Furthermore, workforces can complete sections at their own stride, and the learning consequences are frequently applicable to the job at handinstantly. Micro-learning makes the information simple to recognize and is flexible enough. It easily fit into your team’s busy schedules.

3. Soft Skills Training

One of LinkedIn’s surveys says, 94% of employees claim that they would continue with a company longer if it was financed in their careers. While 70% of staffs showed that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their choice to stay with an employer.

Accordingly, they will reinforce their related learning as well as development efforts. HuffPost shared, businesses investing in futuristic L&D programs can expect up to 24% advanced profit margins! Companies will gain more consciousness about soft skills and their vital role in success.

4. Custom-made Learning Experiences

This movement started with millennial, who are predominant in the staff and familiar with technologies. Your employees usually come with more than a few comforts, aspirations, and learning styles. The corporate training must address these differences.

Establishments are shifting to modifying developments to up-skill their employees rapidly and effectively. This technique makes it easier for trainees to implement new information as contents are accustomed to match their abilities, requirements, and skills based on their preferences.

5. Intelligent Technology

Even though AI is prevailing already but soon HR professionals will put AI at the heart of learning delivery more. AI supports the high level of personalization that makes learning stick.

By using specific data, intelligent software can work out how, when and where an employee prefers to learn. One employee might choose to access video learning content while another may prefer to tap into some written learning content. AI can also recognize when someone is losing interest in learning and the right activity to get them involved again.

In its 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte says,

“If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that putting people at the heart of an organization’s decisions about work and the workforce pays off in the ability to better stay ahead of disruption.”

From an improved focus on ongoing skill development to intelligent technology, these above-mentioned trends are innovative, humane and in synch with the undefined circumstances probable to conquer in the post-COVID periods. Interestingly, employee training is now more important than ever before!


Written By : Park Jin Ae


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