Understanding The Central European Teaching Program (CETP) For Teaching English In Hungary

 25th November 2021


The need for proficient ESL/EFL teachers in Hungary has never been higher. Hungary is a cultural gem for travellers with a colourful history. Located at the crossroads of Europe, it acts as a great base to take tours around Europe. The Central European Teaching Program signifies an important presence in Hungary.

Since 1990, CETP has been placing conversational English educators in Central and European Europe. They are improving apprentice's spoken fluency through conversation practice, classroom training, games, audio-visual instruction with listening comprehension.

Hungary is jam-packed with mountain hiking tracks, picturesque villages, Roman ruins, baroque churches and eccentric scenery for educators to explore in their free. There are also over 150 thermal water baths across Hungary. Hungary’s literacy rate is almost 100%. English language skills are in high demand throughout the region and the requirement for English teachers remains high always.

Central European Teaching Program (CETP)

Central European Teaching Program (CETP) is a teacher recruitment association. Established in 1991, CETP has been working to run native-speaking English instructorsas well as other languages and subjects to public schools andnumerousprovincial schools in Hungary.

CETP aids more than 100 different schools and has sent more than 500 English Conversation Teachers to the region over the past decade. The Central European Teaching Program is the single largest provider of teachers to Hungarian public schools. Since 2006, CETP is placing teachers exclusively in Hungary.

CETP also provides North Americans and others an expressive enduring professional and cross-cultural experience with a unique prospect to become an active part of a Central European community.

History of Central European Teaching Program (CETP)

Originally called Teach Hungary, the Central European Teaching Program(CETP) was founded by Lesley Davis in 1991. She felt the need for a planned teacher placement program in Hungary and founded Teach Hungary to meet this necessity.

The program was cultivated speedily, expanding to neighbouring Central European countries. In the spring of 2003, the CETP became independent from Beloit College, while continuing the same mission of providing personal, quality service to both educators and schools.

Present day CETP has become a well-known and respected organization. CETP serves as a private Peace Corps, but with no government funding. CETP professionals come from all walks of life with diverse teaching experiences.

What are the requirements for the Central European Teaching Program?

CETP has no official upper age limit it is a good option for older teachers, particularly. The program runs for 10 months from September to mid-June, with an orientation week prior to the beginning. There are also 6-month positions obtainable from January to June.

CETP needs applicants to pay a placement fee. While this might put off some educators, the program does offer several aids that permit additional consideration. Some of the foremost benefits of the program are as follows:

  • Paid holidays
  • A steady salary that is equal to local co-workers (no income tax is essential)
  • National health insurance
  • A private, furnished apartment with all utilities enclosed
  • Work visa that also allows you to travel across Europe
  • Partners, friends, or families can often be placed together

How to apply for the Central European Teaching Program?

Visit CETP website. You also need to submit the following documents:

  • TEFL/TESOL certification with at least 20 hours of practical classroom teaching
  • Letter from a doctor confirming your good health (work visa prerequisite)
  • Notarized copy of your university diploma
  • Background check

CETP serves more than 100 different institutes and has sent more than 500 English Conversation Teachers to the province over the past decade.

The Bottom Line

Almost 5% of Hungary’s GDP is spent on education. The international 120 hour TEFL course online will help you to get placed in Hungary. Most ESL/EFL teaching opportunities are in bigger towns and cities such as the capital, Budapest.

So, are you ready to experience teaching in Hungary?

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Written By : Katharina


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