What Factors Affect Your TEFL Salary?

 13th December 2021


Teaching English abroad is one of the most trending and hottest career scopes right now. English as a second language job (ESL jobs) is an integral part of the global job market. People who can trade anything with for traveling and love to teach English are seeking such jobs ardently. TEFL courses enable people from across the world to learn the latest techniques that will boost up their teaching careers.

But you should be cautious enough while opting for a TEFL job because establishing a career in a different nation requires a lot of patience, knowledge, and resources. TEFL salary depends upon the economic status country you shall be moving in, the types of students you shall be teaching, your qualifications, and teaching experience, if any.

So before planning, always judge these parameters and then make a decision.

TEFL course:

Teaching English as a foreign language or TEFL is that sublime course that will guide candidates to learn modern methodologies that can be used to teach English to non-English speakers. Having 120 TEFL and TESOL certifications along with a Bachelor's degree will make you eligible to work in academic institutions abroad. An Advanced TEFL or a Diploma in TEFL program will give you added perks.

To pursue a TEFL course, you must have 10+2 qualifications, a sound knowledge of computers, and a good command of the English language. To have a PG Diploma in TEFL courses, you must have a Bachelor's degree. TEFL certification is a mandatory criterion that you must have to get opportunities to teach in various academic institutions across the globe.

There are various kinds of schools like public schools, private schools, language schools, business institutions, corporate institutions, etc., that recruit teachers to teach English. Both native and non-native speakers or near-native speakers get equal opportunities to teach the learners.

What determines your TEFL salary?

First thing first, a TEFL program does not always require you to have a university degree. However, Asian countries, European countries, and western countries require the candidate to have a mandatory Bachelor's degree along with a TEFL certification to teach in their institutions. While some countries are allowing teaching English online due to the pandemic, many are onboarding candidates for face-to-face classroom sessions.

Always remember, your TEFL salary will depend upon your teaching experience. There are certain things that you must remember while choosing an ESL job.

If you want to teach adult learners, it is better to have a prior customer or client support experience. This will help you to deal with adult students and their needs, and demands.

Let’s take a close look at the salary slabs of TEFL teachers!

Let's say, you're having a good experience in babysitting, or you have worked in summer camps. Then you're the best-suited candidate for teaching kids as an English tutor.

If you want to gain some quality experience as a teacher even though you have a TEFL certification, you can opt for voluntary teaching or freelancing. In the former scenario, you won't get paid.

Generally, voluntary teaching is based on summer camps where you'll gain a good deal of knowledge, information, and experience concerning that country's culture and educational system. Being a freelancer, you can initially tally a few resources and can learn about the wedges. You can set a price for your service and can work on it to gain relevant experience.

Another significant factor that determines your TEFL salary is the country where you are planning to shift. Western countries pay higher salaries than the countries of Southeast Asia or the middle east. However, this cannot be the only parameter. You, being an ESL teacher, should think about the cost of living in the country along with its cultural practices.

You should evaluate the salary you shall be receiving and also how much will be your approximate expenditure. A start-up cost is required anywhere you shall be moving. Generally, an English teacher gets 600-4000 USD as a salary and it is completely based on your qualification and the country. Some southeast Asian countries like China, South Korea, Thailand, etc., pay quite high but the range of living cost in those countries is from moderate to high.

To get the best TEFL jobs, you must be aware of the peak time when hiring is going on. Besides, you should also check and refer to some websites to learn more about the qualifications they are emphasizing. These factors will help you a lot in getting the remuneration you genuinely deserve.

Teaching English abroad is an excellent career option, for sure. At the same time, you have to take care of all the points, focus on the pros and cons, and should also observe the hiring pattern by referring to some relevant websites. If you're qualified enough and have the potential to teach perfectly, you are bound to crack great TEFL jobs.

Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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