A Superb Learning Experience In Virtual Classrooms

 24th December 2021


Whenever it comes to online classrooms, two things are of top-class priority, a good internet connection and an easy-to-handle gadget like a laptop, computer, smartphones, and tabs. The virtual online teaching program has proven itself quite effective in teaching learners and the result has been found that student engagement is quite attractive.

Techniques of virtual teaching involve giving apt and required amount of training to students that can be beneficial for them. The traditional classroom method has been a regular one before the onset of the pandemic but the scene since the lockdown has changed drastically. The teaching method shifted to a new dimension that began the use of audio-visual tactics and it has received a massive response.

The best part about e-learning is that it is accessible from any corner of the globe. Online classes give privilege to students by giving them the liberty to access the course materials. The best part about virtual online teaching (VOLT) is that there is no requirement of traveling from one place to another. Thus, teaching learners in a virtual classroom is quite advantageous to teachers as well as they have a sane work-life balance.

There are certain types of e-learning process.

There are two different forms of methodologies and practices that are used to teach online.

  • Completed online – There is no face-to-face meeting.
  • Provided through Mixed Learning – A combination of online and direct communication

Besides, there are two other formats of teaching learners online.

  1. Synchronous- the communication between teachers and students happens directly as in chat rooms, or video-audio conferencing.
  2. Asynchronous- The information is passed through forums, emails, wikis, etc.
  • self-study practices are also available.
  • Web-based learning is an excellent option for students.
  • Audio and Visuals are more elaborative methods.

E-learning has enhanced the learning management system to a great extent where both teachers and students are receiving a lot of perks. The online virtual classroom has favored educators and they are loving this new system.

  • The delivery of sessions happens in real-time.
  • Teachers can be in touch with adult learners and stay updated with modern technologies.
  • Every need of the learners can be accommodated by teachers.
  • Online teaching is cost-effective because everything is in digital format and thus there is no need to spend money on hardcopies like textbooks, notebooks, etc.
  • Teachers who have families prefer e-learning to a great extent as they can invest their time in both family and students.

In the case of students, they love online education because learning by audio-visual approaches attracts their attention. Moreover, technologies for the virtual classroom have interesting discussion boards where students can open up on any topic and share their genuine views.

Benefits that students receive from e-learning sessions are:

  • Access to study material unlimited times.
  • Flexible courses and not bounded by a specific time.
  • The method is not time-consuming.
  • Online learning provides scalability which helps in providing training.
  • The same type of syllabus, study materials, and training through e-Learning.
  • Transportation costs are reduced.
  • The approach is eco-friendly as there is no outrageous usage of papers.

Thus, the bottom line is that e-learning is a wholesome tool that satiates the hunger for accurate knowledge. A virtual online teaching program provides a learning experience to learners where teaching and learning collaboration performs quite smoothly.


Written By : Park Jin Ae


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