Why Should Parents Implement Montessori Approaches At Home?

 10th February 2022

Dr. Maria Montessori has always said that every child is unique and to bring out the uniqueness in every kid Montessori teaching is nowadays being practiced at homes as well. Homeschooling your kid as per the principles of Montessori education is of huge benefit.

Montessori teacher training courses can be pursued by parents as well to inculcate the Montessori methodologies in their children. Early childhood is a very delicate phase where kids tend to adapt and imitate everything they’re seeing, i.e., by observing their parents. Hence, this course is bringing Montessori teaching at home which has triggered social, cognitive, and physical development to a great extent.

A significant amount of importance is being laid on bringing Montessori education at home and that is why parents are often opting for a Montessori course. This course is available in online mode, pretty affordable, and highly flexible in terms of space and time. Kids learn to become independent when they are being brought up using Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles. Besides becoming independent, there are multiple reasons why Montessori education is being practiced at home.

  • Even though kids spend a lot of time at school and teachers understand their nature a lot, parents are the ones who realize how their children are progressing and developing. Parents have the whole idea of the potential of their kids and thus they can always formulate strategies that will help them to grow.

  • As mentioned earlier, the early childhood phase is the most delicate and sensitive phase of a child. A kid has the maximum adaptive power during this phase and can easily pick up habits as he/she learns by observing the parents. A Montessori format of education at home will enable parents to inculcate proper habits and disciplines in a child’s mind. Montessori approaches like cleaning the workstation after a task can be done at home where parents can guide the kids to do the task.
  • Installing Montessori schooling at home will allow kids to gain a trait called self-esteem. They will be more careful and will tend to do fewer mistakes. Even if they do mistakes, they know how to rectify themselves and thus they flourish into self-dependent human beings in the long run.
  • One of the biggest aspects of Montessori education is that it helps kids to focus a lot on the task they are doing. Since their level of concentration keeps increasing, their academic career also becomes incredible. Parents can always look after what they are studying and guide them accordingly so that they do never suffer from fatigue due to overstudy.
  • Children who are being taught at home using the Montessori approaches are always optimistic, disciplined, and goal-oriented. They know how to take baby steps to reach the target line and are fully aware of how to control the pace while running towards the finishing mark. Their analytical skills and logical reasoning power are quite commendable.

The Montessori teaching course will help! Parents can also do this course. These are all the reasons why Montessori approaches must be practiced at home and homeschooling kids using these techniques will bring astounding results in the future!

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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