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TEFL Course Phuket

If you are looking for sea, surf and loads of sunshine then head to the largest island of Thailand, Phuket to pursue TEFL course there. The aqua blue water, pristine beaches and the mountain views are enough to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit and offer a congenial environment to pursue TEFL course. TEFL in Phuket is a 120 hours residential program covering a period of four weeks. It is a comprehensive program where the trainees gain confidence and get equipped with the latest methodologies of effective language teaching. The course stresses on a wide range of topics like language acquisition, grammar and phonology, lesson planning and language skills. Apart from this, they develop classroom management skills and gain expertise of teaching English abroad. There is an array of choices of whether you want to relax or get indulged in various activities, Phuket or “Pearl of Thailand” has a lot to offer.

  • 4 weeks on-site TESOL/TEFL Certification Program
  • Comprehensive 120 hours in-class course
  • Extremely beneficial 8 hours teaching practice class

A TEFL Course in Phuket holds a 4 weeks intensive in-class TEFL training program which is organized near Patong Beach in Phuket. The course trains the would-be TEFL teachers the basic techniques of EFL teaching with the help of properly planned teaching sessions based on the latest theories of TEFL training in addition to lesson planning and classroom management. The 8 hours teaching practice classes are extremely beneficial for the trainees as the sessions help them to get a reflection of a real teaching experience and work on their shortcomings before they start working as an ESL/EFL teacher. TEFL Course Phuket provides a detailed comprehension of techniques of TESOL/TEFL so that the teachers can confidently start their teaching career in a foreign classroom.

  • Course can be availed at a reasonable price
  • Easy installment payment options

TESOL Course Phuket enables you to get a grasp of the contemporary TEFL/ TESOL teaching methodologies which you can avail at a reasonable course fee of 1470 USD. The interested applicants can first pay a deposit amount of 500 USD to enrol with us and can easily reserve a seat in this 4 weeks' TEFL program. The trainees can make the final payment of 770 USD and the accommodation fee on their arrival in Phuket before the course commencement date. All information related to pick-up, visa, lodging, etc will be provided to you after your seat is confirmed for the course. At a very reasonable fee this program prepares you to face any global TEFL/ TESOL classroom with confidence and ease.

Asian College of Teachers’ 4 weeks TEFL course in Phuket is a flexible course conducted throughout the year and the trainees can apply as per their convenience.

TEFL Course in Phuket 2018 dates

  • January 15 - February 9
  • February 19 - March 16
  • April 16 - May 11
  • June 4 - June 29
  • July 16 - August 10
  • August 27 - September 21
  • October 8 - November 2
  • November 19 - December 14
  • Trainees are offered variety of accommodation
  • Trainees can also opt for their own accommodation

You can choose from a variety of options for accommodation within walking distance of training center, a few minutes from Patong Beach and in close vicinity of local post office, banks, bars and restaurants. All accommodations do not have websites, so it is difficult to book in advance. We recommend that you arrive, check and then book your accommodation.

Some of the accommodations available are:

You will also get assistance in finding an accommodation during your stay in Phuket for TEFL Course.

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand renowned for its white palm lined beaches, warm blue sea and delightful tropical weather. Phuket is a well-known snorkelling destination and they can enjoy the sun, sea and sand during the day and be a part of a vibrant nightlife after the sunset. Phuket is a popular destination for aspiring TEFL teachers and during the four weeks stay in Phuket, the trainees can have a wonderful time getting trained and can enjoy the various water and beach sports. Do not miss the Kalim Beach, Patong Beach, Phuket Viewpoint, Phuket Fantasea, Phuket Aquarium and Phuket Submarine. Being Asia's most popular beach destination, Phuket has an amazing natural beauty to soak in, abundant wildlife and an exciting nightlife apart from the gorgeous beaches to enjoy.

  • TEFL Course Phuket opens door for a variety of career paths
  • You can avail jobs in varied sectors

Phuket in Thailand recruits a plethora of TEFL teachers who stay, learn and teach the locals the correct ways of speaking and writing English language. If Phuket is the place you are planning to reside and teach then you are definitely going to be blessed with a great teaching career ahead. Handsome salary, comfortable stay, tasty food, and unending chances of exploring the natural beauty of Thailand are what going to sum up your job. EFL/ESL jobs are plentiful if you are armed with a TEFL certificate where salaries start at 30,000 baht/month and can go up to 40,000-45,000 baht/month. Phuket has a huge expat community and there is no dearth of teaching English jobs as several schools and institutes are scattered in and around Phuket.

  • Globally recognized certificate is awarded on successful completion
  • Tutors provide extensive support to the trainees

In today’s competitive global job market there is a growing demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers who have a thorough idea about the latest methods and approaches of TEFL. But mere knowledge of the subject does not count unless a certificate is provided. A certificate makes a huge difference when it comes to seeking employment across the globe. The trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and TESOL Canada on successful completion of Certificate TEFL course. The trainees can also avail an additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) at an extra cost.

Asian College of Teachers lends all kinds of support to the trainees from the time they get enrolled till the placement assistance after the completion of the course. Trainees pursuing TEFL courses will be offered complete tutor support to enhance their teaching skills and are provided with the opportunities to reflect on the different areas of this program. They will make the trainees familiarize with the different aspects of teaching and learning of a language.

TEFL/TESOL courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are certified by the prestigious British Awarding body Training Qualifications, United Kingdom and we are a TQUK Approved Centre now.

  • ACT is accredited by distinguished organizations
  • TEFL programs are certified by Global Training Academy, College of Birmingham

Accreditation is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting set standards of quality and is an ongoing evaluation which encourages constant improvement. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL could be a great way to travel and experience the unique cultures, explore beautiful locations while enjoying the rewards of helping the locals improve their English language skills.

The program provides a comprehensive training on all the contemporary approaches of teaching English as a foreign language. On successful completion of the program the trainees are jointly certified by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and UK based Global Training Academy and interested trainees can avail additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) by paying additional fees. The certificate is globally recognized making the trainees eligible for better TEFL opportunities.

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