Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Special Educational Needs

Asian College of Teachers' Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Special Educational Needs brings multiple opportunities for a rewarding career in teaching in various inclusive set-ups and awards you a globally recognized degree.

B.Ed. in Special Education – Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

Asian College of Teachers, a multi-award winning institution affiliated to the prestigious European International University (EIU-Paris) offers an online B.Ed. in Special Education. The course is designed for all those teachers who want to enhance their skills and efficiency level to teach students in inclusive classrooms that includes children with special needs.

The course involves the latest curriculum focusing on topics like ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and other Learning Disabilities along with a perception on designing and delivering specially designed instruction and understanding of Individualized Education Program (IEP). The curriculum is created by skilled academicians highlighting the important areas of SEN and the global trends in the field of inclusive teaching. The curriculum helps the teaching aspirants in developing their overall knowledge, techniques, skills, and confidence of teaching students in inclusive classrooms all over the world.

The degree will be awarded by the prestigious European International University (EIU- Paris) which lends a global edge to the course making it apt for aspirants interested to pursue and dream of a successful inclusive teaching career.

Further your teaching career with Asian College of Teachers

  • Curriculum comprises of foundation, core and specialization part (in SEN ) with a total of 120 credits that covers relevant topics
    • Part One – Foundation Course which comprises of 6 Subjects with 30 optional credits
    • Part Two – Core Program comes with 50 credits and 10 Subjects
    • Part Three – Specialization of Subjects, comes with 40 credits divided into 8 Specialized subjects
  • Learn about ADHD, autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit etc.
  • Complete tutor support alongside access to online study materials to complete the course conveniently
  • Successful candidates will receive the globally renowned degree certificate from EIU Paris, adding value to their resume


Foundation (30 credits Optional)

  • English
  • Communication Strategies
  • Digital Literacy
  • Becoming a better learner
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Skills & Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Core (50 credits)

  • Foundations of Education
  • Instructional Methods
  • Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation in Education
  • Professional Ethics in Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Issues and Trends in Special Education
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Research Methods in Education
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Approaches to Classroom Management

Specializations (40 credits)

Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • 1. Understanding students
  • 2. Diagnostic Process
  • 3. Are they putting in the Effort?
  • 4. ADHD and Brain Activation
  • 5. ADHD and Activity Level

Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • 1. Attention and ADHD
  • 2. The Emotional Impact of ADHD
  • 3. Memory
  • 4. Problem-Solving for Academic Performance

Understanding Down Syndrome

  • 1. Down Syndrome – Definition and History
  • 2. Identifying Down Syndrome in Children
  • 3. Causes and Complications of Down Syndrome
  • 4. Teaching Children with Down Syndrome
  • 5. Inclusive Education for Children with Down Syndrome

Autism – Features, Identification and Support

  • 1. Meet Autistic Students
  • 2. Understand the common characteristics of HFA/AS
  • 3. Discover how your students think
  • 4. Nurture students' social skills

Autism – A Closer Look

  • 1. Encourage language reciprocity
  • 2. Autism and Inclusive Education
  • 3. Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood
  • 4. Asperger's Syndrome; Fragile X Syndrome; High Functioning Autism

Learning Disabilities – Identification and Instructional Approaches

  • 1. Understanding Learning Disabilities
  • 2. Identifying Students with LDs
  • 3. Making sense of the IEPs
  • 4. Understanding Service Locations

Learning Disabilities – Helping your learners with LD

  • 1. Learning the Right Teaching Strategies
  • 2. Learning Strategies and Assessment Techniques for Students with LD
  • 3. Dyslexia
  • 4. Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

Learning Disabilities – A Deeper Look into Varied Disorders

  • 1. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
  • 2. Language Processing Disorder
  • 3. Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit
  • 4. Dyspraxia

Course Duration

Complete the full program of study in ... minimum duration of 18 months, and a maximum duration of up to 36 months. However, those unable to complete the program within the stipulated time will be given a grace period of 1 year and the student would be required to pay a maintenance bench fee to finish his/her degree within that grace period.
Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.


High School certificate ...
Recognized Bachelor’s Degree in any field or equivalent level
Life Experience and prior learning credits are available
English Level – IELTS Level 5.0 or High School study of all subjects in English or at least 55% marks in English in your High School is desired
Knowledge of Internet and browsing, MS Word and Online Research Skill is required

Course Fee

Different payment options are available. ... Payments can be made via Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash at our Global Centers.
2800 USD – If Paying from USA or paying in USD | 2400 GBP – If Paying from UK or EU | 100000 THB – If Paying in Asia
All fees include tax. Fees include all: Program of study, LMS access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma and transcript. Courier charges apply for Diploma and Transcript dispatch to your country. Certificate Notary and Apostille charges are separate from USA. Please check with your admission adviser for more details.

Refund Policy

Once applicants register for a course, ... they are responsible for dropping any course they decide not to attend.
Once a candidate has enrolled in the program and wish to immediately pull out before any access has been granted - 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded
No refund for candidates who have received course access and have already started off with the program from ACT
Read all Terms and Conditions before making payments
Processing of refunds make take up to 3 months


All of our applicants are eligible for scholarships. ... They are generally customised as per the professional and educational backgrounds of the candidates, and their specific abilities that help them stand out from the others. The scholarship will depend on the educational qualification, area of academic interest as well as the GPA i.e. Grade Point Average of the student, which will measure his/her overall academic grade. Teaching/ training/professional experiences will also be taken into account for the scholarship program. All deserving applicants will find the right scholarship, which will help boost their future plans, and allow them to enjoy an affordable learning experience.


To receive a degree in the program of study ... the student must achieve the following:
Complete and pass Foundation, Core and Specialization along with the Capstone project as prescribed in the program specification
Obtain a score of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each subject
Complete the full program of study in minimum duration of 12 months, and a maximum duration of up to 24 months. However, those unable to complete the program within the stipulated time will be given a grace period of 1 year and the student would be required to pay a maintenance bench fee to finish his/her degree within that grace period.
Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.

Trainees are awarded Bachelor of Education in Special Education Needs by the well-known European International University (EIU-Paris) and a Letter of Completion from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).

The ACT Advantage

Earning a Bachelor of special education online can offer the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your learners.

Apart from teaching, there are various other career options in special education that can make you fulfil your dreams in this field. Many aspiring teachers who pursue Bachelor in special needs education often prefer teaching in an inclusive classroom setting, but pursuing this B.Ed. degree can offer you different type of careers that help people or children with special needs.

However, not every alternative individual pursuing a B.Ed. in Special Education Needs ends up in the inclusive classroom as this degree opens up a plethora of job opportunities in different areas that direct them towards different career paths. After pursuing this course, you can continue your role of a teacher in an inclusive classroom and help special needs students if you recognize them in your classroom or choose to become successful shadow teachers.

Several careers related to be special education needs provide competitive salaries, flexible work life and modern amenities that you cannot find in public or private-school educators. There are always rewarding and fruitful careers outside of the school setting after completing your online B.Ed. in Special Education Needs. Whether you choose to remain in the classroom setup or avail other options, it is always beneficial to broaden your career prospects.

  • Complete tutor support throughout the course
  • Trainees can learn at their own pace
  • Additional support of online videos and reference materials

Expect complete guidance from the experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers for helping you complete the course. With their valuable experience, the tutors provide maximum support to the trainees, guiding them when required. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering all queries related to the course content.

Bachelor's degree in special education online provides flexible learning opportunities where you can take the opportunity to learn at your own pace and clear all their doubts as and when required. You can email their queries and can also opt for online chatting too to discuss any course related problem.

  • ACT provides world-class, international higher education curricula in Education led by an Academic Body comprising highly qualified and internationally accomplished educators and industry experts.
  • ACT's higher education programs are duly validated and certified by The European International University, EIU-Paris.
  • Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is affiliated to The European International University, EIU-Paris.
  • Students successfully completing ACT's cutting-edge international education curricula will receive ACT's certification of completion as well as the Bachelor’s, Masters or Professional Doctoral degree from The European International University, EIU-Paris.
  • The European International University, EIU-Paris is a private, independent higher education provider. Read More
  • EIU – Paris, is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.
  • The European International University, EIU-Paris is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).
  • EIU-Paris is duly authorized as a Professional Training service provider in accordance with Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE.
  • EIU – Paris holds organizational membership with CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMICS, a U.K. and Wales registered R&D organization whose sole purpose is to enhance the visibility of research themes beyond global approaches and coverage.
  • ACT is a member of CPD Certification Service UK and ACT courses are accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) and endorsed by NCC Education, an Ofqual regulated awarding organization and a global provider of British education.
Admission Process

Please find below the detailed steps to be followed as a part of the admission process.

Step 1 :

Fill up the online application form with all the relevant details

Step 2 :

Provide correct email id and phone number as all the communication will be forwarded there

Step 3 :

Once the application form is submitted, you will receive the course details via email and phone call from ACT’s admission executives

Step 4 :

The course fee payment details will be mailed to you once you confirm your enrolment; where the course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit/Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to our bank account

Step 5 :

After the payment is credited, you will receive the payment confirmation with an online admission form which you need to fill up and submit to get online access to the program

Step 6 :

Applications are now open; apply now

Student Reviews


Full of knowledge and useful information, suggestion for lesson plan and ideas for support learning. The knowledge, as mother and "home" teacher was incomplete, after this course I'm feel more comfortable in these topics.

Catherine Streng

Catherine Streng

It was hard work but I learned a lot. Because of this it was well worth it and I am well on my way to succeeding in my goal to become an English teacher in Asia. Instead of being scared as I previously was, I am only a little bit nervous now that I have this experience under my belt.

Joseph Cachia

Joseph Cachia

It was a challenge for me as it been a long time since I had done any academic studying but the course was structured well overall as the course progressed I was relating more to what I was doing at school and implementing them and seeing results I could see my self-confidence growing thru the course.

Melissa Laurin

Melissa Laurin

The course was very informative and I really liked the fact that I could do the Work on my own time. That made less pressure and I could do my best work for the assignments.

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