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Today educational leaders such as principals, vice-principals, institutional heads, school managers/administrators are required to not just fulfil the overall functioning of the institutions but shape the future. To keep up with the changes of educational institutions and keeping global standards in mind, we, at Asian College of Teachers, have designed a series of live online education management & leadership workshops for education managers and leaders. The live sessions have been prepared to equip trainees with the latest managerial & leadership skills and administrative abilities with an emphasis on managing resources competently, advanced professional development of teachers and the all-round development of the learners and make a positive transformation in the learning atmosphere.

Live online education management & leadership workshops aredesigned by the experts at Asian College of Teachers to fulfil the growing demand of school administrators. Senior teachers, coordinators eyeing administrative roles or promotions along with School Principals, Vice-principals, Institutional Heads, and School Managers/Administrators can enroll for this workshop to share thoughts, develop skills and gain better insights into the various aspects of institutional management. The live online workshops on Education Management & Leadership are aimed at preparing educational professionals capable of fulfilling the demand for accomplished and skilled administrators adapt at making a positive transformation in the learning atmosphere of a learning institution.

EDM Live Online Workshop Series

There is an undeniable connection between the school environment and the well-being of the students. Through this interactive webinar, you will get a closer look at the factors that promote student engagement at school and thereby support their experience of emotional well-being. Therefore, sustaining a positive school climate has become imperative and the teachers must know how to create a school climate that encourages all-round development.

Date: 31st July 2022

In this webinar you will get acquainted to the concept of Visionary leadership also known as transformational leadership. Know the role of leadership with an emphasis on the six principles of 21st Century leadership style. The webinar covers the vital elements of visionary leadership like leadership model and strategy, decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking. There will be case studies for better your understanding.

Date : 21st August 2022

Teacher development and innovation are the two sides of the same coin. While teacher development is a continuous process, innovations also don’t happen overnight. Both are deliberate activities and needs tremendous effort to successfully workout; and to build a superior school culture, the school staff needs to be favourable towards innovation. The workshop teaches you to implement innovation c in the context of the 21st century teaching-learning process.

Date :4th September 2022

Learn the essence of human resource management and how strategic human resource management has a positive outcome on the employees of an organization. This webinar covers areas such as motivation, appraisal, evaluation and feedback focusing on the 4 Motive Model. Also understand the differences between evaluation and feedback and how to evaluate and give feedback to your teachers while you master the strategies of teacher appraisal.

Date : 18th September 2022

The duration of the workshop is 10 am to 1 pm
Online live workshop and can be pursued from any corner of the globe

The Live online education management & leadership workshops offer enough flexibility to the trainees who can pursue it in online mode from any part of the globe. It is an exclusive workshop developed for senior teachers, institutional heads, and principals looking to hone their leadership skills. Theseshort workshops will be immensely helpful if you are an academician looking to upgrade your skills and qualities to demonstrate successful leadership and management skills in educational institutions.

Digital Certificate will be provided to participants attending the sessions.

The Live Online Workshop session prepares trainees to gain an in-depth knowledge and work in positions such as:

Head of institutions
Senior teachers
School Managers

The Live Online Workshop will be conducted by
Dr Margaret Davitt Maughan : Associate Director – Academics, Asian College of Teachers : Dr Margaret Davitt Maughan is a Senior Educator with M.A.T. from University of Santa Clara and Ed.D. Leadership from University of San Francisco. She has 35 years of experience in classrooms, curriculum development and interdisciplinary studies.

Dr Sanjib Chakraborty : Lead Trainer, Centre for Training & Professional Development (A division of ACT) : Dr Chakraborty, PhD in Management Science from University of Hertfordshire, UK, is an accomplished educator, trainer, performance consultant in Asia with 600+ hours of training experience in L&D, Training the Trainer, Leadership and Learning Technologies.

Ms. Kuhurina Basu : Associate Director - Board of Academics, Asian College of Teachers : Ms. Basu, holding M.A., M.Sc., has 30 years of rich classroom experience in Mumbai, India and London, UK and 10 years of administrative experience in leading a team, teaching special needs students and teacher training.

Globally accepted certificate will be awarded by Asian College of Teachers after successful completion of the course
The digital certificates will be free of cost and mailed to the candidates
ACT certificate will strengthen your professional journey

You will be awarded a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers after attending thelive online education management & leadership workshops.

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