As per the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), around 24 million primary school teachers are required globally in the next 10 years – Let’s take a closer look.

As per the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), around 24 million primary school teachers are required globally in the next 10 years – Let’s take a closer look.
The world is facing a substantial demand for teachers in both primary and secondary sectors. According to UNESCO, “In the next 10 years, around 24 million primary school teachers must be recruited globally.”

The broad reasons for the growing demand for teachers can be as mentioned below: -

✔ Population growth: Studies show that total elementary and secondary enrolment is projected to increase 2% within 2026, when enrolment is expected to reach 56.8 million.

✔ Retirement or leaving the profession: Elder teaching generation make up majority of the world’s teaching population. As they are aging, they are choosing to retire or switch to other professions.

✔ Growing population of English language learners. A changing demography indicate a higher number of non-native English-language speakers. This is driving the need for teachers of English as a second language (ESL) and for English language learner (ELL) teachers.

✔ Subject area shortages. Different states have different shortages, but the highest demands are for qualified teachers in subjects like Special Education, Mathematics, Science, English as a Second Language (ESL) etc.

✔ The Great Recession: The Great Recession resulted in nearly 300,000 teachers and other school employees lost their jobs.

Improving teacher preparation as well as meeting the demand in area specific teaching are the things to look out for in rebalancing teacher supply-and-demand. Countries in the Middle East, East Asia and the Pacific as well as South and West Asia have severe teaching gaps. Schools across the globe are keen to recruit well-trained teachers and create pool of good teacher candidates. Schools are ensuring that primary teachers have the best training to improve learning for all children. Therefore, it has become imperative for aspiring primary teachers to have knowledge and experience of teaching challenges and how to tackle them. The educational institutions across the globe are looking at a competent teaching force and that would mean that the aspirants undergo high-quality professional teacher education program.

High demand for teachers means it’s an excellent time to shape your career in teaching. Not just because of the benefits but becoming a part of the global teaching community and develop new generation of learners who can think and act globally. At this point, you might be wondering how to become a primary school teacher to set forth on the path towards a rewarding career in the primary teaching sector. Well, to clear your doubt, a primary teacher training course is what you should be looking for, to get trained and skilled to teach in the primary sections. Today’s teachers need to be equipped with innovative curricula to improve learning and must have the support of inclusive and flexible curriculum strategies designed to meet the learning needs of children. Well, even if you find yourself tied to other commitments, an online primary teaching will ensure that you are trained in all the latest teaching techniques and skills required to stand out as a teacher or have a competitive advantage in the employment part of it. Get certified, set high standards and expectations and go for a rewarding career where you can contribute significantly in shaping the young minds with the right tools and resources.

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