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International Teaching Diploma

International Teaching Diploma (ITD) is an in-class Teacher’s Training Diploma program tailor-made by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) for you. So if you are a teaching enthusiast looking for an international in-class teacher training course which will enable you to get job opportunities in Primary, Montessori and Nursery schools across the globe, this is the apt course for you. It focuses on instilling the latest teaching skills and knowledge in you that are learner-centric and are accepted in today’s global classrooms accommodating Young Learners. You will be able to bring the very best of modern international teaching in a fun-filled classroom.

  • In class teachers training program
  • International Teaching Diploma Course
  • Explore Job Opportunities Worldwide
  • Comprehensive Training for Kg to Primary Classes
  • Work in multiple roles as a Pre & Primary Teacher / Montessori Teacher / Early Childhood Educator / Nursery Teacher / Special Educator
  • Skills and methods to teach children with special needs
  • 21st Century Teaching & Learning Techniques
  • Activity Based Learning & Teaching Practice Sessions
  • Learn today’s global classroom handling techniques & methodologies accommodating Young Learners
  • Internationally recognized Certification by ACT
  • Option to receive separate TQUK certificate
International teaching diploma
  • 3 weeks’ course in Bangkok lasts for 140 hours (120 hours + 20 hours teaching practice) Class timing - 9.30am - 5.30pm
  • Candidates get the opportunity to attend compulsory 20 hours of Teaching Practicum

International Teaching Diploma (ITD) is a Diploma program of 140 hours’ duration (3 weeks) equips you with the vital skills and techniques of teaching students till the primary level. The course is designed with an aim to provide you with the much needed exposure and expertise to become a sought-after educator in the global teaching arena.

The ITD 3 weeks course in Bangkok comprises of 140 hours with weekly classes for a reasonable fee (as mentioned below). The specialized course instils student oriented teaching methods and activities to lead the global pre and primary classrooms.

Bangkok - 3 Weeks Program

10th Oct 2020 - 6th Feb 2021

22nd Sep - 12th Nov 2020   Read more..

International teaching diploma
  • 10+2 is the minimum entry requirement
  • Both aspiring as well as experienced teachers are eligible to apply

The minimum eligibility for enrolling in International Teaching Diploma is 10 + 2. Aspiring as well as experienced/working teachers willing to gain relevant skills in pre and primary, Montessori and Nursery teaching arena or upgrade their teaching skills to excel in their chosen area on a global platform are encouraged to enrol themselves in the course. If you are an aspiring teacher aiming to teach in Montessori, Nursery and Pre and Primary sections including Special Education Needs learners need to be creative and flexible and at the same time emphasising on optimum child development. As a teacher, you’ll need to design various activities which are learner oriented and show enthusiasm with the learners comprising of 2-12 years of age. This international teacher training course will acquaint you with all the relevant and required expertise.

International teaching diploma
  • Course fee for 3 weeks ITD full time program for Bangkok is 725 USD / 24000 THB / 600 GBP
725 USD 24000 THB 600 GBP

The Diploma course incorporating all the latest teaching methods and contemporary techniques is available for you at exciting prices. Course is available at Bangkok. It is also available across Indian locations in metro cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kerala. The course provides thorough idea of the various activities to develop the skills of the Young learners by providing a supportive learning environment and must be considered as a vital step in building you an accomplished teaching career.

International teaching diploma


1) Principles of early childhood education:

  • Understanding child and childhood
  • Characteristics of young learner
  • Child psychology
  • Early childhood curriculum
  • Programme Planning

2) Development of primary education

  • Principles of education

3) Educational Psychology – Theories of learning

  • Behaviorism
  • Constructivism
  • Conditioning
  • Insight
  • Cognitivism
  • Connectionism
  • Field theory

4) Pedagogical approaches

  • Dr. Maria Montessori – principles of Montessori Method
  • Frederich Frobel – Kindergarten method
  • Difference between Montessori and kindergarten method
  • Exercises of practical life – EPL
  • Sensorial activities
  • Language development through story telling

5) Health, Nutrition and Safety
6) Activities for Young Learner
7) Project based learning and related craft ideas


  • a) Types of learners and related activities based on theories of early childhood education
  • b) Preparing worksheets as a learning tool
  • c) Importance and types of play

9) Development of Number concepts – numeracy
10) Development of language and literacy
11) Development of five senses and environment
12) Monitoring and assessment of learning process
13) Strategies for differentiated learning

14) Classroom and disaster management
15) Lesson planning and instructional strategies
16) Resource management for developing teaching aids
17) Teacher or Facilitator : Reflective practice

18) Contemporary Classrooms

  • Thematic Learning
  • Digital Learning

19) Child, parent and school
20) Understanding Learning Disabilities
21) Identifying Students with LDs
22) Learning the Right Teaching Strategies
23) Helping Students with Reading Comprehension Problems
24) Helping Students with Math Reasoning and Calculation Problems
25) Understanding Students with ADHD
26) ADHD and Activity Level
27) The Emotional Impact of ADHD
28) Classroom Beliefs and Rules
29) Understand the Common Characteristics of HFA/AS
30) DOWN Syndrome.

International teaching diploma
Bangkok is Thailand’s cultural and commercial hub. The Chao Phraya River meanders through the city. Bangkok dashes its roots back to the early 15th century. The city relishes a hot and warm tropical savannah climate throughout the year. Bangkok is well connected by water, road and air. You can visit the admirable tourist places of Bangkok like Grand Palace, Jim Thompson House, Lumphini Park, MBK Center, Bangkok National Museum, Era wan Shrine, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, and Royal Barges Museum etc.

International teaching diploma
  • You will receive a globally recognized certificate from ACT endorsed by Training Qualifications, UK
  • You will also get a separate certificate issued by TQUK

International Teaching Diploma (ITD) program aims at those planning a career in teaching especially in Montessori, Nursery, Pre and Primary arena and leave a positive impact on the academic future of young children and learners with various learning abilities. This international teacher training programaims to provide a comprehensive training on all the principles and approaches of training for teachers who are eager to “touch lives” of young learners aged from 2-12 years.

International teaching diploma
  • Easy admission process
  • Application can be submitted online
  • Opt for any online payment scheme
  • Course fee can be paid by using debit/credit card or by depositing Cash in our Bank Account

If you are willing to enrol, you’ll have to fill up an Online Application Form with all the relevant details and must provide correct email id and phone number as details for contact. Once the application form is submitted, the candidates will receive the course details via email and phone call from ACT’s Admission Executives. The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once they confirm their enrolment. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to our Bank Account. After the payment is credited, you will receive a payment confirmation with Online Admission Form. You’ll need to fill up the same and submit it in order to get enrolled in the course.

International teaching diploma

International Teaching Diploma (ITD) involves the latest teaching techniques that are in demand in today’s global classrooms and offers specializations in Pre and Primary, Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training, Early Childhood Care and Special Education Needs training. The training program has been designed with care to produce efficacious educators who will be able to understand the learning needs of the next generation students who fit in the age group of 2-12 years, facilitating their growth and development in a fostering and caring environment.

The specializations accord you with the in-depth knowledge and understanding of Pre-Primary, Montessori and Nursery Education, Early Childhood health and Safety along with the teaching approaches for Special Education Needs Learners so that you can share your knowledge and implement them in an effective manner. In order to achieve the desired educational outcomes, the aspiring teachers will therefore, need skills in specified areas in order to cater to a varied set of learners. With the required set of skills and knowledge in all the arena of young learners’ care and education, you will have the option of teaching all classes catering students with various learning abilities, aged 2-12 years.

International teaching diploma

There are ample career opportunities for Pre and Primary, Montessori, Nursery, ECCE and Special Ed teachers who have completed their course in International Teaching Diploma (ITD) program and have the eagerness towards teaching Young Learners. With Montessori and Primary schools developing at a rapid rate, there is a considerable demand for well trained and certified teachers. Asian College of Teachers’ International Teaching Diploma (ITD) opens many avenues to numerous job opportunities for teachers as the course aims to provide them with a strong foundation in the modern methodologies used in Pre and Primary, Montessori, Nursery, ECCE and Special Ed teaching offering an array of career options in the Education Sector.

At the same time, the course also prepares candidates to be employed as Curriculum Developer, Course Coordinator, and Consultants associated with different schools. Also, those planning to be entrepreneurs can set up their own Montessori, Nursery or primary level schools must opt for this effective and compact course. The course will provide the skills and methods to understand and work harmoniously with children of all learning abilities in the age group of 2-12 years.

International teaching diploma
  • You get full support from the accomplished trainers
  • Teaching Practice session is arranged for the candidates

The candidates enrolling in International Teaching Diploma (ITD) course will be provided with complete guidance from our expert trainers, as they pursue the course. Our well- qualified trainers are committed to helping the candidates to achieve their learning goals and providing them with the much needed skills and knowledge required for a teacher aspiring to become successful in teaching students, aged 2-12 years. With years of valuable experience our trainers provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in the course of the program. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and their experience related to the course content.

International teaching diploma

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