5 Major Podcasts For Autistic People

 24th May 2022

According to research conducted by the Center for Disease Control in the US, almost one in 60 children has autism spectrum disorder. Besides, a future neurology study states that 40% of people with autism suffer from anxiety. Parents dealing with autism often come across a common problem that autistic kids do not have a concentration level. Needless to say, they frequently ask how to get an autistic child to listen.


Podcasts have been proven very much effective in helping autistic kids to listen minutely. A diploma in autism will let parents know that these podcasts provide information and resources for parents of children with autism. Podcasts for people with autism offer different types of content, from inspirational stories from parents and teachers to a review of scientific autism research.

There are weekly podcasts that create an excellent learning environment for the autism community. Health professionals support the concept of podcasts for older children as well. Living with autism becomes easier with autism podcasts and they provide essential information that parents can apply to at-home behavioral therapeutic strategies.

Parents and teachers must be aware of autism thoroughly and learn why is it important to spread autism awareness:



This podcast has a host, a behavior analyst having dual certifications with doctorates, and special guests who talk about numerous applied behavior analyses in this podcast that the Behavior Analyst Certification Board has approved. In each episode of the podcast, the panel discusses issues significant to parents and behavior analysts, including parent training to decrease challenging behavior by applying at-home behavioral therapeutic strategies.


It is one of the top autism podcasts that cover topics important to people with autism and their families and communities. People have different perspectives on autism and the main agenda of this podcast is to make people understand and give correct information on autism. Parents seeking to apply at-home behavioral therapeutic strategies can learn about parental support, early intervention, dealing with bullying, and more.


The Autism Quality of Life aims at adult people with autism podcast is a highly varied broadcast that features important interviews with experts, information on ASD accommodation, discussions about relationship building and communication, social interaction, and so on.

Autism Quality of Life podcast features a wide variety of autism experts and collaborators, from psychiatrists and social workers to people living with autism themselves.


Adventures in Autism, along with expert opinions on Autism, interact with parents of autistic children. Amid candid discussions about living with a child with autism, parents can come across others’ personal experiences. Parents also get insights into coping with the challenges of having children with autism and strategies to make them convenient with the mainstream, for example, an inclusive classroom.


Laura Zdan, who is a mother of three, is on the spectrum and suffers from mental health issues like a lot of us. She has gotten authentic views on autism spectrum disorder, and she hosts the podcast show called Not Neurotypical. She touches on sensitive issues such as Why Mindset Matters, Social Media and Social Rules, Learning the Language of Others, Connection, Time Management, and gives advice on how to handle burnout, which she has experienced herself.

Autistic Child


A diploma in autism suggests and recommends how to take care of and cater to the needs of autistic kids. Parents dealing with autism always have a tough time figuring out how to make help their kids break the shackle of their shyness. These podcasts for people with autism have motivated and encouraged parents to fight against all odds and live happily with autism.

Written By : Victoria Lewis


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