Updated Online Teaching Market In China In 2022

 20th July 2022

For a quite long time, China has been a huge marketplace for English language education. The country is a huge ESL market for the certified TEFL teachers across the world. As the highest rate of new learner growth online came from developing economies, it is necessary to know the new Chinese policies for online English teachers.

Even though the online ESL teaching market has been disordered, the transformation also brings new breaks as well in the online ESL field.

What Happened To the Online ESL Teaching Market in China?

The Chinese Ministry of Education announced it would be rolling out new regulations with large consequences for how the online tutoring market operates in the country. China launched new law dubbed “double reduction.” The major components of “double reduction” consist of no longer allowing for-profit businesses to teach China’s school courses by blocking external investors. The foremost fluctuations put a stop to after-school tutoring on weekends or during holidays.

It also stops online teachers based outside of China from tutoring Chinese schoolchildren. This has affected hundreds of thousands of English teachers across the world. Various popular online ESL companies are now shutting down now and will continue to do so. Guagua Long and Qingbei, have shifted towards coding and art. GoGoKid has completely shut down because of the new set of harsh Chinese rules.

So, What Can ESL Teachers Do Now?

We suggest do not get panic at first! You have options! Some Chinese establishments do cater to adults and also operate outside of China. The new regulation does not affect the tutoring of adults, so if you work for a business based in China, make sure to check this out.

Needless to say, it is the time to consider upskilling. Focus on the best qualifications in this market. The more striking your CV the easier it will be to secure work with another non-Chinese online ESL teaching firm, which you can do with 280 Hour International Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL. This program offers the decisive career flexibility, as it meets the requirements for you to teach English worldwide as well as online.

Additionally, a marketplace for teaching English online is a platform that attaches ESL students to teachers. A marketplace will fundamentally work as a middleman, as it will manage payment transfers along with other administrative hurdles. A freelance English teacher is also another option for you. You’ll have complete freedom over the students you teach, the materials you use. and the hourly rates you charge, without any sort of fees that using a marketplace entail.

Teach English in China

China is home to one of the world’s major economies and also has the largest education system in the world as well. Generally, the least requirements to land an ESL job in a private language school in China consist of a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. Teaching experience is being preferred by certain employers, but is not severely required.

With around 300 million English language learners and rising, China is certainly a job-seeking ESL teacher's market without a doubt. According to reports, China is presently experiencing a shortage of around 100,000 English teachers.

The Bottom Line

Well, it’s indistinct if China will introduce additional measures to crack down on these new regulations. Get 280 Hour International Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL certified, polish your resume, and you’ll be ready with the right tools to flourish in the virtual and online ESL classroom.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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