6 Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor Of Education In TESOL Program

 8th September 2023

The field of ESL teaching includes far more than just teachers presenting grammar topics to their students. Even though teaching is still an option both online and abroad, TEFL can do much more than that. They can either be freelancers or corporate trainers and can even own their own English training centers. As English continues to be a global lingua franca, the demand for qualified TESOL professionals is on the rise. Read on to check out the rundown of the various types of jobs you can get after a Bachelor Of Education In TESOL.

TESOL Jobs In Various Departments Beyond Education

How to teach English Abroad

Here is a comprehensive list of everything you can be with a TEFL/TESOL Program:

  1. English Language Learner Teacher

    The most straightforward career path for TESOL graduates is becoming an English language teacher. ELL teachers are specialized English teachers who work with students who are learning English as a second language or additional language.

    These teachers can work in various settings, such as public or private schools, language institutes, or as freelance tutors. Their primary responsibility is to help non-native English speakers acquire language proficiency through interactive lessons, language drills, and cultural insights. An ELL teacher can expect to earn anywhere around $29,691 every year.

  2. ESL/EFL Instructor

    TESOL graduates often find opportunities as instructors for English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programs. These instructors work with students of all ages whose first language isn't English while primarily focusing on teaching students how to communicate in English through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

    ESL instructors are typically geared towards international students or immigrants looking to improve their English skills to enhance their academic or professional prospects. Since they work with students from a variety of backgrounds it is essential to be skilled communicators while having flexibility in their teaching methods and being sensitive to cultural issues. As an ESL instructor, you can expect to earn anywhere around $55,957 per annum.

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  3. Corporate Language Trainer

    Many multinational companies seek TESOL professionals to provide English language training to their employees. These corporate trainers help employees improve their English communication skills, which is often essential for international business dealings. Additionally, they also offer professional development and training to their employees.

    If you are someone who doesn’t want to work in the education sector despite having an education degree, this is a good option. As corporate trainers, you would be expected to develop training materials, manage the training budget, and report on training progress. Your annual salary can be around $49,032.

  4. Teacher Trainer

    Schools hire teacher trainers so that they can help enhance the skills of their staff members. Experienced TESOL professionals can become teacher trainers, sharing their expertise with new educators entering the field. They often sit in classes of other teachers to observe their teaching methods and how they manage the classroom.

    After this observation, they provide an assessment that includes suggested goals and advice. Furthermore, they can conduct workshops, seminars, and in-service training to enhance teaching methods and techniques. A full-time teacher trainer can expect to earn anywhere around $66,258 per year.

  5. Curriculum Developer

    TESOL graduates with a knack for designing educational materials can pursue a career in curriculum development. Curriculum developers work closely with schools to review the course materials and offer suggestions for improvement areas.  They create lesson plans, textbooks, and digital resources tailored to the needs of English language learners.

    One of the primary responsibilities of these professionals is to ensure that the school's curriculum including the textbooks, exams, and course materials are in line with the state or national requirements. Other responsibilities can include mentoring and supporting teachers, acting as a liaison between school leaders and teachers, and reviewing student assessment procedures. A curriculum developer can earn around $77,252 annually.

  6. Online English Tutor

    The rise of online education platforms has created a significant demand for online English tutors. TESOL graduates can leverage technology to teach English to students across the globe, offering flexibility in terms of hours and location. If you are one of those aspirants who want to teach international students but are not able to travel abroad, online opportunities are your safest bet. However, as an online teacher, you must be experienced and knowledgeable in teaching ESL while finding creative ways to engage your students online.

    Teaching English online also requires online teachers to be aware of the special curriculum materials and tools that are unique to the online space. With proper preparation and the right attitude, teaching online can be a rewarding experience and you can expect to earn between $21-$24 per hour depending on your experience and the location you decide to teach.

Open Up New Career Opportunities With TESOL

There are several career options with the Online Master of Arts in Education with TESOL program that you can avail of both within and outside the traditional classroom. The global demand for English language proficiency continues to grow, making TESOL professionals highly sought after. Whether you prefer teaching in a classroom, developing educational materials, or working in a corporate setting, a TESOL program can pave the way for a rewarding and impactful career in the field of language education.

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Written By : Victoria Lewis


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