Flat Packed Curriculum: Streamline Lesson Plans And Save Time

 26th December 2023

While developing and implementing the English curriculum, teachers have found that a flat-packed curriculum is essential in fulfilling what they intend to do throughout the academic year. Similar to IKEA, the administrators supply all the essential pieces required and the teachers read the instructions carefully to build a beautiful sequence of lessons. This curriculum is supposed to act as an antidote to the 'plug and play' approach to English teaching. Explore the benefits of a flat-packed curriculum and how it can streamline lesson planning for teachers at all levels.

Flat-Packed Curriculum Vs Traditional Curriculum

Before delving into the advantages of a curriculum that is filled with content, let us first talk about the conventional method of lesson planning. In traditional lesson preparation, instructors draft all of the materials like lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and activities from the ground up.

Although this method fosters creativity and adaptability, it may also be laborious and demanding. Instructors need to make sure that the resources they use fit the requirements of their students and are interesting enough to hold their interest and comply with curricular standards.

However, a flat-packed curriculum, on the other hand, offers teachers a pre-made set of resources and materials that align with the curriculum standards. These materials include worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and assessments all designed to meet the learning objectives of the students. By abiding by a structured plan, teachers can stop wasting time on creating lessons from scratch and mostly focus on delivering high-quality instruction and engaging their students.

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How It Can Streamline Your Lesson Planning Process?

Now that you have understood how a flat-packed curriculum is different from the traditional one, it is time to streamline your planning process:

  • Minimizes Preparation Time

    Since the materials are already prepared, you don’t have to spend hours researching and organizing to draft a perfect lesson plan. You will get more time to deliver high-quality instruction and engage your students.
  • Fosters Better Collaboration

    With consistent resources, you can collaborate with your colleagues more effectively. You can share strategies, approaches, and ideas and have a sense of belonging as everyone will be working with the same curriculum standards and materials.
  • Offers More Flexibility

    It provides a structured approach to lesson planning and allows for creativity and flexibility. Teachers can adapt materials to cater to every individual needs of the student and also ensure that they align with the curriculum standards.

Benefits Of Using A Flat-Packed Curriculum

Here are some of the most common benefits that teachers can avail by opting for this method:

  1. Saves Time

    You may save a lot of time by using a flat-packed curriculum instead of having to make all the materials from scratch. This enables you to concentrate on delivering excellent training and interacting with your pupils.
  2. Allows Consistency

    A standardized method of lesson preparation is offered by flat packed curriculum, which guarantees that all of the resources are in line with the learning objectives and curricular standards. It can not only improve student outcomes but also reduce teacher stress.
  3. Reduces Stress

    You can lessen your stress by having ready-made resources at your disposal instead of having to create lesson plans and materials from scratch. This gives you ample free time and allows you to concentrate on interacting with your pupils and provide an excellent education.

What Are Some Of The Common Misconceptions About This Curriculum?

Despite offering a plethora of benefits, a flat-packed curriculum comes with its share of drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • Lack Of Creativity

    Some educators think that their creativity might be limited when they use pre-made resources. On the other hand, the flat-packed curriculum offers an organized method of lesson planning while also allowing for creativity and flexibility.
  • One-Size Fits All

    A flat-packed curriculum, according to some educators, is a one-size-fits-all strategy. Nonetheless, a lot of flat-packed curricula enable modification and adaptation to fit the requirements of certain students and learning environments.
  • Lack Of Time

    Some educators think that when they use pre-made resources, they lose control over the process of creating lessons. Nonetheless, the flat-packed curriculum offers flexibility and adaptability in addition to a consistent approach to lesson planning.

Ready To Adopt A Flat-Packed Curriculum

A flat-packed curriculum is an innovative approach that can allow you to save time and reduce teaching stress. If you are not sure about the various methodologies and teaching approaches, try pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching to get a better idea. By learning new teaching concepts and techniques, you can create better lesson plans, keep your students engaged, and align with the curriculum standards of your institution.

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Written By : Laura Taylor


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