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TEFL Course Kolkata

If you want to explore the various aspects of art, literature, drama, theatre, film and music which have made significant contributions in the world cultural map then you must visit Kolkata, the intellectual hub of India. Kolkata, popularly known as the City of Joy is the capital of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal and situated on the banks of Hooghly River. A TEFL course in Kolkata allows you to know the city which is the centre of culture in the country and has produced several literary geniuses. It was once the abode of Bengal Renaissance. Pursuing a TEFL course in this city gives you a scope to explore the nook and corner of this intellectual city. Asian College of Teachers (ACT) offers an in-class TEFL course in Kolkata, which is a dream destination for the culturally inclined, adventure seekers and even an ordinary traveler. You can always plan a trip to Sunderbans, Digha and Sikkim from the City of Joy. The TEFL course in Kolkata is not just a training to produce better teachers but an opportunity to soak the vibrant culture of the city.

  • 3 week in-class TEFL certification program
  • 120 hours comprehensive program
  • Teaching practice sessions during the program

Asian College of Teachers is a renowned name in the field of teaching and training. If you are a professional ESL/EFL teachers or an individual who wants to consider TEFL as a career, the 3 weeks of in class teachers training course is offers you by ACT is suitable for you. It is a 120 hours comprehensive program that comes along with teaching practice sessions. The TEFL certificate provided by Asian College of Teachers has acceptance all over the world and gives the pleasure of teaching and travelling simultaneously. It prepares you to excel in the field of EFL/ESL teaching and become proficient English teachers in near future.

  • Reasonable course fee
  • Easy payment method

Asian College of Teacher’s onsite TEFL certification course in Kolkata is very reasonably priced at 850 $ / Rs.50000 INR (18% GST as applicable) for the regular package which is very reasonable. Easy payment method is available for all the candidates. It makes your payment procedure hassle free. On confirmation of the program you will receive all the details regarding payment. Accommodation is provided at a reasonable price which needs to be paid separately.

The 3 weeks in class TEFL course featured by Asian College of Teachers is a flexible program which is being conducted throughout the year so you can apply as per your own convenience.

TEFL Course in Kolkata 2018 Dates

  • 8th Jan - 25th Jan
  • 12th Mar - 30th Mar
  • 23rd Apr - 11th May
  • 4th Jun - 22nd Jun
  • 9th Jul - 27th Jul
  • 3rd Sep - 21st Sep
  • 19th Nov - 7th Dec

Asian College of Teachers promises a comfortable stay in Kolkata during 3 weeks TEFL in class course. Both the A/C and non A/C accommodation are available here. You can select one as per your choice. A/C accommodation is available with all the facilities like television, internet will cost you 18,000 INR. Accommodation will be provided near the institution.

Kolkata is the cultural capital of the country which attracts people from across the globe. You cannot afford to miss the city of joy, Kolkata if you have a penchant for art and culture. Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) is one of the beautiful cities with a colonial charm and a laid back pace of life compared to other metropolitans. It has always been an intellectual haven with the city’s calendar choc-a-blocked with varied social events and festivals 365 days a year. While pursuing TEFL course in Kolkata you can always enjoy this culturally diverse city dotted with stunning British architecture. This intellectual city has many interesting tourist places, dazzling shopping malls and gorgeous restaurants. You will get the opportunity to explore history as well as witness the modernization with rapid developments everywhere around the city and you cannot afford to miss the delectable Bengali cuisine.

Pursuing TEFL in class course in Kolkata will open up for you the door of opportunity to explore world as there are a number of TEFL jobs available all across the world. Asia has become the current sought after destination for ESL teachers. China is churning out huge vacancies for English teachers and there are adequate ESL jobs in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan as well. The salary structure is good for EFL teachers which brings the opportunity to earn some good amount of money as well. There is a huge opportunity waiting for the EFL teachers in South East Asia. The TEFL in class course will make you prepare for the global classrooms.

  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • Certificate can be Notarized, Apostle, Attested by Embassy of India in Ottawa or Washington
  • Certificates can be signed and sealed by UAE Embassy in USA or Canada
  • Canada - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USA - Department of Foreign Affairs

The trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and TESOL Canada on successful completion of Certificate TEFL course. The trainees can also avail an additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) at an extra cost. Additionally, all Asian College of Teachers (ACT) TEFL Courses have been accredited by TESOL Canada - an international association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial Representatives across Canada with both national and international representatives. TESOL Canada programs are approved by the Ministry of Employment, Human Resources Development Canada HRDC, and authenticated through Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use.

TESOL Canada is the registered founding member of TESOL Québec, TESOL Ontario and TESOL British Columbia. Internationally TESOL Canada is an associated member of TESOL U.S.A., TESOL European Union EUTA, TESOL Asia, TESOL Middle East and TESOL South America. ALL ACT TESOL / TEFL Certificate approved by TESOL Canada & TESOL U.S.A and certified through the Canadian Government. All ACT TEFL qualified students can also apply for TESOL Board exam through TESOL Canada to receive an exclusive TESOL Certificate certified and notarized by Canada and USA government.

TEFL/TESOL courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are certified by the prestigious British Awarding body Training Qualifications, United Kingdom and we are a TQUK Approved Centre now.

  • Certificates are accredited by TESOL Canada
  • Option to sit for TESOL Canada Board Exam
  • Joint Certification from Pebble Hills University (USA) and London School Of teaching and Training (England)
  • Separate Certification from College Of Birmingham (England)

Accreditation is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting the set standards of quality and is an ongoing evaluation which encourages constant improvement. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL course aims at those are planning a career in EFL/ESL teaching and keen on exploring different cultures while they teach and travel abroad.

All our TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA and the candidates get the option of appearing in the TESOL Board exam and receiving prestigious TESOL Canada and TESOL USA certificates notarized, attested and apostle by USA and Canadian Government and Embassy of UAE and India. All successful TEFL students will receive joint certification from Asian College of Teachers (ACT), London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT) and Pebble Hills University (PHU). The certificates are globally recognized making the candidates eligible for better TEFL job opportunities.

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